This certificate program is the first of its kind in BC to be delivered entirely using Open Source software through live online sessions. The curriculum of this program is based on sound principles common to the entire field of GIS, and the classes will be conducted using QGIS, on the student's own laptop computers. By offering a program of this kind, Langara College Continuing Studies will continue its tradition of offering diversity in its learning opportunities and of teaching skills that are of high value to industry.

Completing this program combined with your ongoing access to open source software will give you the tools to build your own data mapping projects and keep your skills honed. In addition, these skills can be transferable to traditional GIS platforms used by some employers on a per-seat licensing model, so graduates of this program will have highly marketable skills for a broad spectrum of employment opportunities.

Unlike other GIS programs in B.C., the Geographic Information Systems Certificate does not concentrate on GIS implementation, science, programming, or enterprise-level management. The focus is on teaching the skills related to understanding and using GIS to create cost-effective, professional-quality results.

The purpose of the Geographic Information Systems Certificate Program is to build on existing skills and education of professionals in a wide range of occupations by providing:

  • Exposure to fundamental concepts of geographic information systems
  • Training in effective use of Open Source programs such as QGIS and GRASS, developing skills that are of of practical use in various professional disciplines

The Geographic Information Systems Certificate is aimed at:

  • Working professionals who need GIS in order to do work in their field
  • Educators who want to understand GIS and provide free, high quality software for their students
  • Anyone who has a passion to use Geographic Information Systems to understand our world

Learn more. Contact Raymond Chow at 604.323.5927 or email cstechnology@langara.ca.