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Watch your Head - Crow Trax Arrives

Spring marks the start of nesting season for crows. Langara Continuing Studies instructors Rick Davidson and Jim O’Leary have developed an interactive map that tracks aggressive behaviour by crows. CrowTrax is a user-generated map that pinpoints the location and severity of crow attacks in Vancouver. 

Click on the image below to start tracking.

Crow Trax - GIS in Action

CrowTrax in the news

Vancouver's complicated relationship with the crow

Vancouverites are watching their backs. Crows are on the attack. As Robin Gill reports – a Vancouver college professor is on a mission to keep an eye on the beady-eyed birds.
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This is where you’re most likely to be attacked by a crow in Vancouver

April to July is nesting season for crows so attacks have been on the rise as crows ward off pedestrians who they see as a threat to their young.
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Makiing a murder: Crow attacks disrupt busy Canadian city

Pedestrians have been clawed, pecked, scratched or simply circled and intimidated. But enough is now enough for Vancouver residents who are taking to technology as a way to share distressing accounts of being victimized by these angry birds.
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Archived News

Preventing Crow Attacks

April to July is nesting season for crows, which means they are more prone to attacking those walking past their nest. If you’re one of those Vancouverites, like Sophia Lindgren, who has been hit eight times in different parts of the city, it may be time to take action to avoid getting dive-bombed by the black beady-eyed birds.
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Crow Attacking
Image: Mark Sebastian/Flickr

Nesting crows attacking pedestrians

Many of his co-workers are regularly dive-bombed as they walk to work, says O’ Leary, who hasn’t been personally attacked … yet.
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Jim O'Leary, Instructor
Our GIS Instructor, JIm O’Leary (pictured here) was featured on CBC News.

Radio Broadcast Transcript excerpt:

You might want to keep your head up and your hat on if you walk down the 800 block of Richards Street (near Robson), where nesting crows have been attacking pedestrians since late April.

Or, you could carry an open umbrella — rain or shine — like Jim O’Leary does.

“I look a little funny but it’s better than getting hit in the back of the head by a crow,” said O’ Leary, who works in the office building right beside the tree that contains the crows’ nest.

“They do draw blood”

Not even Celebrities are safe!


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