Tour Testimonials

Tour Testimonials

2018 tour

"The itinerary was phenomenal. There was not one moment put to waste. The number of excursions was maximized, and the knowledge of the guide and tour leader was second to none. Highly recommend to anyone who has ever considered going to the Galapagos"

~ Steven Brouse, Galapagos Eco Tour participant 2018

" I appreciated the attention to detail in the organization of all aspects of the trip and in maximizing our time for activities. Guides, hotels, boat, tours, food, snorkelling, etc. etc. all were fantastic. Anoush and Jorge made it look seamless, but a lot went on behind the scenes to make our Galapagos experience outstanding. Thank you so much."
~ Barbara Kubik, Galapagos Eco Tour Participant 2018

"Anoush is very knowledgable, the guides were awesome, the catamaran was gorgeous, the animals and scenery were beautiful! I highly recommend it! 

~ Marlene G.Galapagos Eco Tour participant 2018

"Run, don't walk! This is truly a trip of a lifetime. I went into the trip just hoping to see giant tortoises and have come out learning about southern constellations, the Coriolis effect, and how to snorkel with all manner of marine wildlife. Deepest of appreciation for all the care that went into organizing this trip!

~ Gloria C., Galapagos Eco Tour participant 2018

2015 tour

"This tour was a trip of a lifetime and an adventure from the beginning to the end! A birder’s dream vacation! Combining recreation with learning is the way to go. The instructor was terrific – couldn’t have asked for a better one – made learning an enjoyable experience. His depth of knowledge on the topics was incredible and his patience unending! He not only taught with a zest but he also went the exta mile to ensure the participants had a good and safe learning experience. He was there for his participants right till the very end. I would definitely recommend this eco tour to my friends."  Juliana Man, Galapagos Eco Tour 2015

" An excellent tour. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable - and fun. The local guides were excellent. Accommodation was luxurious. I would recommend this tour to anyone at all interested in the natural world."

Neale Adams, Galapagos Eco Tour 2015

2013 tour

“This was the trip of a lifetime. The guides were superb, a very educational, amazing trip. It was enjoyable from start to finish. Highly recommend the Galapagos Tour.” 

M. Rollins, Galapagos Eco Tour 2013

“Excellent knowledge base of instructor and perfect size group. Wonderful learning experience.”

Sharon Prinz, Galapagos Eco Tour 2013

“ The time spend in the Galapagos was probably my most memorable nature moment of my life. Excellent! The guides chosen in Ecuador were top notch!”

R. Greczmiel, Galapagos Eco Tour 2013

2010 tour

"Anoush was awesome!" - Galapagos Eco Tour 2010

"The 2 guides and their assistant, Jimmy, were extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic at explaining everything to everyone. Anoush was phenomenal." - Galapagos Eco Tour 2010

"Extremely well organized.  Excellent accommodations and food." - Galapagos Eco Tour 2010