Linda Hall-Stevenson M.A, R.C.C. District Area Counsellor

The students you have sent to us are testimony to the excellent work that is happening in your expressive arts therapy program at Langara. The work the students are doing in their practicum really makes a different in the children lives. I cannot thanks you enough.

Darlene Masse Wurster, BA Register Social Worker, Expressive Arts Therapist Graduate

The Expressive Arts Therapy Program at Langara has been an amazing opportunity for me to grow personally and professionally. I have been on a journey of healing for over twenty years and have not experienced anything that compares to the personal work I have been able to do within this program. The EXT Program has enhanced my counselling skills far beyond my expectations; transforming the lives of marginalized women who experience issues including trauma, addiction, mental health, poverty and homelessness.     

Dale Costanzo Visual Artist, Graphic Designer, Expressive Arts Therapist Graduate

Once I started networking with other expressive arts therapist from around the world, I realised how professional, thorough, and grounded the Langara training is. This has given me a great deal of confidence moving forward in my new career. Currently, I am working with women recovering from addiction. The program was life-changing. Through a process of in-depth exploration and learning, I am now living authentically and in balance, as well as helping others.

Bettina Jacob, BA Dancer, Expressive Arts Therapist Graduate

The most emotional, powerful and inspiring two years. A life changing experience, personally and professionally.

Samuel Romero Musician,Expressive Arts Therapist Graduate

I am so grateful for such a transformational and fulfilling experience. The training is so complete in its ability to offer personal growth as well as professional understanding and skills. This experience has shaped who I am and supplied me with abundant creative clarity. I have learned so much.

Liza D’Aguilar Actor and Singer, Expressive Arts Therapist Graduate

The Expressive Art Therapy Program at Langara has allowed me to combine my passion for the arts with my passion for people and healing. Working now in the field as a group facilitator, confirms for me the healing power of the arts.

Nathalie Sanz Dancer, Expressive Arts Therapist Graduate

The best decision I took for my personal and professional expansion was to undertake this Expressive Arts Therapy program. This beautiful transformation brings a new level of awareness and humanity I enjoy sharing internationally with underprivileged children to build resilience in their lives.

Antonio Guzman M.A., R.C.C., C.A.C., C.D.P. Counsellor, Judo Instructor

The Expressive Arts Therapy Program ignited my creativity and has awakened my ability to embody emotional experiences as never before. It also has brought new life into my work as a clinical counsellor in the field of addictions and trauma. My clients find EAT profoundly healing. The EAT Program at Langara is a life transforming journey.

Jen Bain Expressive Arts Therapist Graduate

The Expressive Arts Therapy program has been precious in its capacity for framing journeys. Sometimes sure, sometimes thrillingly uncertain, this journey stitches art, life, therapy and play into a dazzling gestalt of what it means to be an Expressive Arts Therapist.