"My time at Langara influenced my process during this production, in ways both obvious and much more subtle. I am grateful for all of my learning experiences."

Brian Greene, filmmaker www.foodforward.tv

Students enrolled in the Documentary Program pitch to industry experts to gain professional experience and receive constructive advice on their graduation films and subsequent independent projects.

They enter their graduation films into festivals, arrange broadcast sales and pursue online distribution opportunities,l receive project development advice and all complete the Motion Picture Film Orientation Industry Certificate. Graduates benefit from faculty connections to local film organizations and industry contacts and remain part of our “growing” film community, gaining access to incoming job offers and work on past students upcoming productions.
Alumni have gained internships and scholarships, received industry and or community based funding for projects and secured awards for their work in festivals throughout North America, Europe and Asia and have set up thriving small scale production companies. 
You can find out what our students and alumni are up to by clicking on student success.

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