The certificate program’s greatest assets are its instructors. Many are award-winning professionals working in the film industry and are dedicated to help new filmmakers achieve excellence in their work. These instructors bring an enormous amount of diverse experience and passion for the craft of filmmaking to the classes.

Ric Beairsto Instructor - Documentary Directing/Producer

Ric is an award-winning writer/director/producer who was a founding partner in 1980 with The Hy Perspectives Media Group Inc. where he produced a string of successful television documentaries. He continues to work actively in the field of documentary and factual television, concentrating on both one-offs and series. Ric Beairsto has also written, directed and produced extensively in the areas of drama and docu-drama, including numerous feature films, a dramatic mini-series, and several episodic television. Ric has acted as a script consultant/story editor on more than 30 feature-length screenplays. He is the author of THE TYRANNY OF STORY, Audience Expectations and the Short Screenplay, a book about story form in general, and short screenplay form in particular, which has been used in more than a dozen North American film schools, including UCLA and the American Film Institute. The TYRANNY OF STORY was first published in 1998, and a second edition, revised and expanded, has been published in 2009.

Bojan Bodruzic Instructor - Cinematography and Audio

bBojan was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the early 1990s, he spent two and a half years living as a refugee, while his family struggled to survive in the besieged Sarajevo. After they were reunited, Bojan and his family moved to Vancouver, Canada. Bojan Bodruzic attended Simon Fraser University's Film Program, where he became interested in alternative forms of and approaches to filmmaking. Bojan completed a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing and Film Production at the University of British Columbia. He recently directed his first feature called 'Immigrant'. Other credits include cinematographer and editor, Crime; and cinematographer/editor, Amnesiac. Amnesiac was invited to several film festivals including the 2002 Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, 2002 Sarajevo International Film Festival, 2002 Vancouver International Film Festival, 2002 Ajijic Festival Internacional de Cine [Mexico], and 2002 Northwest Film and Video Festival.Bojan . Bojan's film 'The Museum of ForgottenTruimphs 'was awarded the best Canadian Documentary film in the Vancouver International Film Festival 2018.

Shirley Anne Claydon Instructor - Editing

s   Shirley's award winning work has been screened at the Toronto Film Festival, The Vancouver Film Festival, The Sundance Film Festival, Hot Docs, The Yorkton Film Festival, and film festivals in San Francisco, Japan, Italy, Germany and London. Her work has been broadcast on CBC, CTV, Global, The Knowledge Network, TVO, Vision, The Life Network, Bravo, WTN, The BBC, Much Music and in Europe and Australia. Shirley has edited work in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin. Recent documentary editing credits include Tailor Made: Chinatown's Last Tailors; Lord of the Brush; Prisoners of Age; Whistler Stories; and Heroines.

Cari Green Instructor - Documentary Production/ Proposal Writing

c Cari Green is a leading film and television producer with over twenty-five years experience in film and television, and a solid background in distribution, sales and marketing. Cari has owned and operated four independent film companies and has produced the works of renowned Canadian and International filmmakers includingScaredSacred, 2006 Genie winner and The Corporation, an international theatrical hit feature film. Previously, Cari shaped a film distribution company (Moving Images) into a viable entity for emerging and established filmmakers. Cari is a longtime advocate for the Canadian film industry, serving on many organizations in executive and board positions including: DOC, Women in Film and Video, Hot Docs, DOXA, and the First Weekend Club. Cari produced the DVD of ScaredSacred for distribution in North America in May 2006, followed by Australia and New Zealand. She is also developing an innovative project with the National Film Board of Canada, The Global Women's Memorial Website. Cari is a recipient of the Women in Film lifetime achievement award and recipient of a 2013 Mayor's Arts Award (Film and New Media).

Annat Kennet Instructor - Program Head

Annat, a producer/director/editor, has worked extensively for the BBC, Channel 4, Cannon Films and others as an Editor on dramas, documentaries, music videos and commercials. She has also worked with Eric Clapton, Julian Temple and The Rolling Stones, and is a former juror of the Gemini awards for editing. In recent years before moving to Vancouver she was awarded the tender by Carlton Television and the British Film Institute to run large scale professional training programs for novice filmmakers going into broadcast television and was Head of Film and Video at Pimlico Arts, a vocational training program for aspiring independent filmmakers.

Cindy Leaney Instructor - Producing

Content Editor/Co-Writer of the Producer's Workbook (2018) Editor/Contributing Writer, Producer's Workbook (2010); Cindy Leaney has written, produced and directed in-house and on-contract for varied broadcasters including CBC Network, CTV, Showtime UK, PBS, CNN and CBS Paramount. Her credits include short drama, live current affairs, magazine series, documentary, commercial and independent production (Walls for Change, Silver Hugo Award Winner - Chicago Television Competition). She is a former Documentary Organization of Canada Board Member (BC Chapter), former VP of Women in Film Vancouver and has participated on industry juries including the Emmy Awards, Canadian Screen Awards, Yorkton Film Festival and Hot Docs.