This course outlines the role of the director concentrating on analyzing different storytelling techniques, developing a theme and visualization of material, interview methods, shooting for post production, developing a shooting plan, and creative collaboration within a small crew, Students will develop their graduation films the instructors help.

The history of Documentary Film looks at early landmark documentary films both Canadian and International, short documentary films, cinema verite and current trends in documentary films.

Learn how to produce documentaries. Including, presentation of an idea, developing a proposal and pitch, as well as examining rights and clearances, insurance, budgeting, financing, and distribution ideas and all paperwork, scheduling and crewing issues, pertaining to the shooting of a graduation production. This includes learning and putting together festival packages for the graduation film.

This practical course covers Final Cut Pro editing platform and documentary editing techniques. Students will be editing material from their documentary filmed exercises.

This practical course covers documentary sound recording techniques, use of different mikes and recording techniques Students will learn to mike up a variety of interview situations correctly. They will learn to record sound effectively with a moving camera and crew.

This course covers correct industry formatting in putting together a Documentary proposal/ treatment, whilst developing ideas in class and on a one to one basis. You will also learn how to write effective narration.

Students pitch their projects to a panel of industry professionals.

Explores styles of research and storytelling and learn about national, provincial and local resources available.

Students gain hands-on experience in documentary shooting techniques. The course is divided into shooting numerous exercises capturing live footage and learning interview techniques in order to prepare the groundwork for students to shoot a variety of short films from a set brief.

Meetings with the camera instructor

Students will learn about grant applications and discuss future projects on a one to one basis with the production Instructor.

Students and Instructors meet to work out their production logistics

Students final films are screened with the Directing instructor present and discussed in class.

Lecture series by Guest speakers

Students shoot and edit their Graduation Film projects

This course covers the introduction to the camera and the practical interaction of a 3 person documentary crew shoot. Camera, director and sound recordist.

Screenings of dailies with Camera Instructor