David Bernstein Instructor

David is one of the most prolific composers and producers of scores for film, TV and radio in Canada. He earned his degree in music through the prestigious Berklee College of Music, and has well over 20 years experience producing scores in both Canada and the US. David is a passionate and inspirational speaker on the topic of scoring for film and TV, as well as having an expert background in the business and legalities of the music industry.

Dave teaches Music Theory, Songwriting and Arranging, and Scoring for Film, TV and Games.

Adam Fulton Instructor

Adam Fulton is  an independent producer and musician. He received his degree in music at the prestigious Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA). Like so many independent producers, Adam not only produces the work of other artists, but also writes and produces his own personal work, as well as commercial scores. He has worked on projects with such renowned artists as Paul McCartney and George Martin and continues to produce other artists here in Vancouver. Adam also produces, engineers, mixes. masters, composes music and sound design on films and video games, and much more. Adam teaches Synthesis and Sampling, ProTools, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering.

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Alexandre Klinke Instructor

Alexandre Klinke is a composer, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He graduated from the Electronic Music Program at Langara in 2009 (now Digital Music Production) and since then has been working as a film composer. Alex is a prolific guitar player, with background in jazz and classical guitar, having studied with the legendary Brazilian guitarist Henrique Pinto. He frequently performs as a solo artist using Ableton Live to loop instruments and create intricate layers of sounds. He teaches  classes in Ableton Live.

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Kevin Kowal Instructor

A graduate of the University of Manitoba and student of Pierre Souverain of the Conservatoire de France while at the University of Toronto, Kevin Kowal is a multi-instrumentalist/performer, composer, historian, educator, engineer and producer with a deep knowledge and understanding of not only music but cutting edge technology as well. He is also part owner of Fadermaster Studios.

Kevin teaches all levels of Logic Pro.

Sean Stubbs Instructor

With an extensive background in creating web-based and multimedia projects for US-based corporations and many independent clients, Sean Stubbs is also an accomplished musician serving as the lead vocalist and drummer in electro-industrial band NUMB, drummer in the industrial-rock collective Jakalope, drummer in legendary punk rock band SNFU, and has also been a member of alternative rock, singer-songwriter Bif Naked’s band. Sean continues to record and perform with his current project - Rat Silo - a band that includes former members of Canadian alternative rock legends Sons Of Freedom.  As a composer and sound designer, he has created audio assets for many of Vancouver’s best game companies on numerous interactive games, web-based video, film, and multimedia projects. Sean has considerable expertise in a wide variety of web and interactive technologies, plus holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Internet Systems. As an Instructor, Sean has taught courses in Graphic and Web Design, Social Media Strategies, Digital Video and Audio Production.

Sean teaches Music Business and Career Planning