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This is a course outlining the role of the director in dramatic films. Concentrating on visual storytelling, it covers issues ranging from script break-down, interpretation and realization to working with creative collaborators, casting, working with actors, shot design, blocking and set etiquette. Technical aspects such as camera and editing techniques and set and sound design are considered in relation to the director's role. Students will be able to develop their films throughout the course.

This covers the craft of the assistant director on set. Working with the crew and set protocol .

Informed by current industry practices and models from research, this course introduces producing for film and television. Follow the complete process of producing a film including presentation of an idea, as well as examining rights and clearances, insurance, budgeting, financing, marketing and distribution ideas. Includes guest speakers.

Gain understanding of the complex nature of drama production both technically and creatively. Receive a detailed analysis of all stages of the process from script to post-production including: script breakdown, pre-production planning, choice of format, budget considerations, shooting schedules, use of locations, art department, casting, crewing, rehearsals, the shoot and post-production.

This course covers the use of digital cameras and includes camera functions and composition.

Topics covered include: How the DOP interacts with the director, script breakdown, gels and filters, camera formats and shooting for tape to film transfer. Learn basic lighting techniques, correct exposure and practical on set location lighting. Explore lighting styles of different genres and compositional concerns and analysis of work from past and present masters.

This practical is designed to give students experience lighting large sets with camera moves using tracks and dollies.

This practical course covers the use of sound equipment in production. Students learn about microphone choices, radio mics, correct sound levels and how to operate a boom effectively.

This course covers the use of the latest digital video editing software both at beginner and advanced levels. Students will learn editing techniques as they cut their assignments throughout the course

Open lab to develop editing skills and software knowledge.

This is course details the stages of post-production. Divided into technical and aesthetic topics, you will learn about the role of the lab, film, video and non-linear editing, sound editing and mixing, the role of the editor, post production personnel, history of directing/editing, and editing principles.

This course outlines the jobs functions. Working as a liaison between the producer, director and edit, the script supervisor keeps track of the many details that comprise the making of a film. Students will learn the principles of continuity, job responsibility during pre-production and post- production.

This course introduces students to film language and shooting a small film in defined crew roles.

This course guides you through the planning process of producing a short documentary film from idea through, research and resources,interview techniques, writing the proposal and creating the shooting plan.

Students gain hands-on experience in documentary shooting techniques. The course is divided into shooting numerous exercises capturing live footage and learning interview techniques in order to prepare the groundwork for students to shoot a short film from a set brief.

Most new filmmakers begin with making a short film. In this course through in-class screenings, discussions and analysis students will develop and write a short film and take it through to production using industry formatting. Students will have some one to one meetings with the instructor.

The history of Canadian Film is rich and varied. You will explore some landmark film and deliver a critique on a director of your choice

This course covers the functions of a films Art Dept and the Role the Art Director plays. Through examples on screen, demonstrations, practical tools and exercises, learn how to breakdown a script, address budget issues, use of props and set dress, skills and understand the use of storyboarding.

Students learn both the practical and creative aspects necessary to produce and direct a music video. Beginning with the technical requirements of production the different styles employed as well as developing a storyline and breakdown into a production scenario. Followed by a shoot and review of the edited piece.

This course gives you an overview of how the film industry, independent sector and new media operate. Learn about the job market, what skills you will need, who to speak to, which unions to join, where to go for training and how to write your resume and cover letter.

These are one to one meetings with the production instructor to help you with your future goals.

Meetings to coordinate film locations, performers, equipment requests etc

Students shoot and edit their graduation projects

The Directing instructor reviews students graduation films.

Developed by film professionals, this course provides an overview of BCs expanding film industry; it is also a requirement before becoming a member of most labour unions. Course topics include the structure of the BC film industry, stages of production, industry jobs, set terminology, set etiquette, basic safety, and communication skills. Students will need to take an on-line course in their own time to complete certification. There is a $50 cost to this. You may take this course if you are 18 years of age and have completed high school.


Learn the latest version of Final Cut FCPX. In this hands-on course, you will learn how to import media from a variety of sources into events, organize your media with keywords and filters, and edit them using the FCPXs new tools and magnetic timeline. Basic Effects, Transitions, and Animated Titles will also be covered, along with exporting for web, DVD, and Blu-ray using Apples Compressor program. Students who do not have Final Cut Pro, can download a 30 day free trial. Note: Students must have headphones.This class will be held at 601 West Broadway, Unit L4.

CRN Duration Starts Time Instructor Cost Location
70378 4 day Sa Sep 11, 2021 1000-1300 Carlos Canizares $340 CS-Broadway Campus (Map)

Continuing on from Intro to Final Cut Pro X, this course goes beyond basic editing. Each class focuses on a different type of project, from film and documentary editing to working with multi-camera setups and animated still photos and graphics. Students will learn how to use the Audition feature, the Precision Editor, and the built- in Colour Correction tools to create fine-cut, polished edits for any type of project.Note: This course will be delivered online via Zoom, you will need to have access to Final Cut ProX.

CRN Duration Starts Time Instructor Cost Location
70380 4 day Sa Oct 16, 2021 1000-1300 Carlos Canizares $334 CS-Broadway Campus (Map)

This course introduces students to the technical and creative side of making videos using digital technology, beginning with camera formats, lighting/sound, framing and composition, shooting techniques, and shot language. Students learn production methods, work on group projects, and learn editing using Final Cut Pro, and come away with a finished project.Note: This class is held at 601 West Broadway, unit L4.

CRN Duration Starts Time Instructor Cost Location
70381 10 eve Tu Sep 14, 2021 1830-2130 Jingqing Jia $424 CS-Broadway Campus (Map)

This intensive screenwriting course is a great opportunity for beginning screenwriters to gain knowledge in how full-length feature film screenplays are written and structured. You are guided through the process and learn about three-act structure, character development, theme, subplots, genre, and much more.Note: This course will be delivered online via Zoom.

CRN Duration Starts Time Instructor Cost Location
70374 8 eve Th Sep 16, 2021 1830-2130 Paul Jensen $352 CS-Broadway Campus (Map)

This intermediate course continues where Writing for Feature Film Script left off. You are guided through dialogue, visual storytelling, subtext, archetypal endings and much more. Through lectures, assignments and extensive in-class feedback, you will gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of writing for movies, thereby elevating your skills as a screenwriter to the next level.

CRN Duration Starts Time Instructor Cost Location
70376 8 eve Mo Sep 20, 2021 1830-2130 Paul Jensen $376 CS-Broadway Campus (Map)

Most filmmakers begin by writing, producing, directing and marketing their own short films. Through in-class screenings, writing workshops, information on funding opportunities, budgets and markets, learn to effectively develop and package your script/story ideas.Note: This class is held through Zoom.

CRN Duration Starts Time Instructor Cost Location
70375 6 eve We Nov 03, 2021 1830-2130 Paul Jensen $222 CS-Broadway Campus (Map)

Do you have an idea that would make a great documentary but you're not sure where to begin or what your responsibilities are as a filmmaker or how to write the proposal or secure funding? This course explores the documentary genre through contemporary research and storytelling approaches. Screenings and class discussion will familiarize you with local, national, and international resources available to today's aspiring independent documentary filmmaker and help get your film off the ground. Note: Includes guest speaker when possible. Note: This course will be delivered online via Zoom.

CRN Duration Starts Time Instructor Cost Location
70373 6 eve Tu Oct 12, 2021 1830-2130 $275 CS-Broadway Campus (Map)

Everything you need to know about the complex nature of drama production, both technically and creatively, is detailed in this course. Covering all stages of the process you will gain invaluable practical knowledge from script to post-production, including script breakdown, pre-production planning, format choice, budgeting, shooting schedules, use of locations, art department, casting, crewing, rehearsals, the shoot, and post-production.Note: This course will be delivered online via Zoom.

CRN Duration Starts Time Instructor Cost Location
70379 6 eve We Sep 15, 2021 1830-2130 Jonathan Tammuz $233 CS-Broadway Campus (Map)

This intensive 2 day workshop covers the role of the independent producer in the development and creation of content for the web/new media, for broadcast, or for film festivals. Explore pitching an idea and writing that initial film proposal; securing story rights, releases and clearances; budgeting, financing, marketing and distributing your first works.Note: This course will be delivered online via Zoom.

CRN Duration Starts Time Instructor Cost Location
70383 2 day Sa Oct 16, 2021 1000-1700 Online Jonathan Tammuz $275 Online

Through practical and hands-on exercises this master class run by award winning Director, Jonathan Tammuz, outlines the work of drama directing. Topics concentrate on visual storytelling, script breakdown and interpretation, shot design, blocking a scene, auditions, casting and includes a skills workshop with actors. Technical aspects of camera techniques to tell story, psychology of lens choice and set design are also covered in relation to the directors role.Note: This course will be delivered online via Zoom.

CRN Duration Starts Time Instructor Cost Location
70377 7 eve Th Oct 07, 2021 1830-2130 Jonathan Tammuz $316 CS-Broadway Campus (Map)