Digital Film Production

Our unique Digital Film Production Certificate Program offers full-time professional film industry courses in all aspects of film production. Open to students with or without a film background who have a passion and commitment to the film training process. Set in the busy filmmaking hub of Vancouver, the Program offers a 16-week full-time accelerated hands-on film education that covers: Drama, Documentary Film, Music Video Filmmaking, Directing, Producing, Screenwriting, Camera/Sound technical skills, Digital Post Production, Career skills and much more.

An intensive two-term training program rolled into one, using a mentorship approach and taught by experienced award-winning professionals, students develop their work on a variety of production assignments culminating in a festival level graduation project. Our small class sizes allows instructors to work closely with students and help them develop their personal, artistic, technical and commercial goals. Our graduates work in the Vancouver Film, Canadian and International industries and are Festival award winners. Check out what some alumni are doing!

Take one or more individual courses from our exciting Part time Digital Film Production Certifcate Program, that runs on evenings and weekends. Designed for students who do not wish to commit to a full time study program. Please note that this program has a different curriculum to the full-time certificate. Information on the Motion Picture Orientation certifcate, dates and fees is found under the Part time courses.

Our full-time digital film program participates in the unique Lifetime Alumni Program, which means that students who achieve certification in are able to take most courses in the part-time Digital Film Production Certificate Program. With the Lifetime Alumni Program, graduate students can come back to upgrade their skills at no cost. For information on the policies and restrictions for the Lifetime Alumni Program, please contact the Program Coordinator.

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