Please contact the Continuing Studies registration office at 604.323.5322 to register for the four courses that make up the Dental Reception Certificate program (DRCP 1000, DRCP 1001, DRCP 1002, DRCP 1003).

  • All courses must be taken together - you cannot register for them individually.

  • This program fills up quickly. 

  • It is adviseable to register as soon as registration opens for the upcoming term (approximately 6 weeks prior to the term start of January, May or September). Please check online at www.langara.ca/cs for the registration dates, or call 604.323.5322 to confirm.

  • Although there is no application process, it is extremely important that students interested in this program undertstand that it is an intensive, accelerated program and will be fast-paced.

This program is ideal for those who are interested in working in a dental office, have some administrative skills, who are comfortable with computers, are detail oriented, interested in a fastpaced job that has a focus on good time management, and who like to work within a team. To succeed in Dental Reception, you must be comfortable as the face of the office, be good with people, and enjoy working with others.

A large portion of this program will require the use of a computer and specialized softward and databases.  You will not learn word processing, spreadsheet use,  or other computer programs. You should be able to easily navigate through a computer and use these programs to be successful in this certificate program.

*Please note these skills are required to obtain employment in this field.

People in this profession require strong English skills, in both speaking and writing.

If you have decided this program is suitable for you, please register by contacting the registration office at 604.323.5322

If you are looking for more information on obtaining additional administrative skills, please follow this link: www.langara.ca/abc

Other institutions offer longer programs that cover additional content we do not cover in this intensive, shortened program. The Langara CS Dental Reception Cerficate program only teaches content that specifically applies to working in a computerized dental office and does not cover any manual applications such as One Write, marketing, etc. Administrative skills that would transfer to other administrative jobs such as computer skills, word processing, keyboarding, spreadsheets, telephone skills, etc., are not covered in this program.

This program is designed to provide the basic neccessary skills in a 11 weekend (including the first aid course) format vs other programs that are 6 months or longer.

NOTE: The Langara DRC program does not include a practicum.

Students must receive a 70% or more on all courses, a minimum of 60% on the final exam for each course, and a  Pass on the First Aid course. Criteria for assignments, quizzes, exams, and projects will be provided in a course outline on the first day of each course. Students who do not  achieve the minimum grade in a course, will not receive their certificate and would be required to retake the course in another term in order to do so. There is no option to challenge any exam(s).

Attendance in all classes is mandatory.

Although some emergencies are unpreventable students must understand that, due to the accelorated nature of the program, absences from class may hinder their success in receiving a passing grade in the program.

  • Missing any days of this intensive program is detrimental to your success in this program.

  • Any content missed for illness/family emergency will have to be obtained from your fellow students so it is important to meet your classmates and obtain a class 'buddy'.

  • Any absence from class must be preapproved by the instructor and/or program coordinator, or supported by a doctor's note.

  • Where classes are missed, the student must come to the next class prepared and caught up on all assignments provided in the previous class(es). 

  • If possible, the instructor will try to provide opportunities for catching up on missed work or exam/quizzes, but this would occur only during class time; students will therefore be doubly pressed to stay up to date on all work.

  • Due to make up schedules only being during class time, it may not be possible for the student to catch up on missed evaluations. Should this be the case, a student may not be successful in receiving a passing grade.

  • If you miss a final exam, without prior consent by the instructor and/or the program coordinator, you may not be able to write it at another time.

Students must successfully pass all components of the program with a minimum of 70% or a Pass; students are responsible for the entire program content which includes all materials assigned from the manual and handouts, plus any topics covered or discussed in class. It is important that students pre-read the assigned material and or/readings for the next week’s coverage. Students should plan for approximately 10 hours of homework/week.

If you have received extensive first aid training within six (6) months prior to the start of the program, you may be exempt from taking the two day course.  This will be considered on an individual basis depending on a) when the course was taken, and b) the content of the course. 

Please contact Gemma at goropesa@langara.ca to find out if you may be exempt from the First Aid course.

Due to the fast pace and heavy workload of the Dental Reception program, you will need to have excellent oral, written, and English comprehension skills.  

If you are new to Canada, you must have one of the following:

TOEFL (internet based) a total score of 90 or higher and a minimum of 22 in Listening and Reading, 21 in Spreaking and Writing

IELTS (Academic)-6.5 with no band less than 6.0

CAEL-60 overall with an essay 60

LPI-Level 4 with essay 24

LEAP-Level 8

Grade 12 English or Communications

Once you have completed all content and successfully passed all evaluations in the Dental Reception program, you may apply for your Dental Reception Certificate. Please follow this link to download your Certificate/Graduation application. Directions for submitting your completed application, and required fees, can be found on the application.

To view graduation dates, should you wish to attend, please see this link: http://langara.ca/registration-and-records/convocation/index.html

Depending on your completion date of the program, you may have to wait until the next graduation/convocation date to attend. If you are uncertain, or need more information, please contact the CS registration office at 604.323.5322 or csgeneral@langara.ca

According to Labour Market statisitics and the dental community at large, there is a high demand for trained and skilled Dental Receptionists in the Lower Mainland.

We recommend that all graduates work on resumes, job interview techniques, and effective job search methods by going to any WorkBC location near you.

If you wish to withdraw from the program you must give a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to the program start. Please note that there is a $35 administrative fee per course when you withdraw.  There are no refunds once you have started the program. 

For refund information follow this link:


Should you wish to withdraw after taking the  First Aid course, you will be considered to have started the Dental Reception program and will therefore not be eligible for a refund.

Although tasks will be assigned that require the use of a computer, this program does not provide instruction in word processing, spreadsheet or other computer programs. You should be able to easily navigate through a computer, be comfortable learning new concepts and software, and be able to perform basic word processing to be successful in this certificate program. You will learn Exan PowerPractice, a software specific to dental offices and how it is used in a practice.

If you require additional training in this area to feel confident in registering for the program, please go to:


Any student suspected of plagiarism or cheating will be required to meet with the instructor and program coordinator. Please be sure to keep all copies of your work from start to finish in order to be able to show your thought and work processes to the end.

Please familiarize yourself with Langara's Academic Integrity policies before registering for the program.  You may find the link here: