Dental Reception Certificate Program

There are four courses that must be taken together for a total of 160 hours, over 11 weekends.  They are:

  • First Aid – Standard C with AED
  • Introduction to Dental Reception
    • You will learn dental anatomy, terminology, charting, dental treatment descriptions, dental specialties and more
    • This course will be offered as a comination of  online and in-class learning
  • Dental Software and Computer Systems
    • Learners will work with Exan PowerPractice, a commonly used dental software, and gain hands-on skills in entering and editing patient information; practice scheduling for single and multiple practitioners; produce day/week/month end reports
    • This course is offered in-class only
  • Understanding Dental Insurance
    • Gain the knowledge necessary to submit accurate insurance claims for single, dual, or multiple coverages, reduce refusals, and improve claim acceptance
    • This course is offered in-class only

There is no option for taking each course individually. Exemptions may be given for the First Aid course if Standard C with AED was taken six months prior to the program start. Please contact Eleanor at to determine if you are eligible for a First Aid exemption.

To register call: 604.323.5322

Please note: 

Students must receive a B- (70%) or greater on each of the three modules (DRCP 100,1001,1002), and an S for FIrst Aid,in order to complete the program. Criteria for assignments, quizzes, exams, and projects will be provided in class on a separate handout. In order to complete the Dental Reception program, students must complete all courses in a single term. Should a student fail a course, they will be required to re-take the program in a different term. There are no options to challenge any exam.

The First Aid course is held at St. John Ambulance, 6111 Cambie Street.