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Success Stories

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I had a great experience studying at Langara College. I moved to Canada 1 ½ years ago and I struggled with job search for 3 months, then I decided to make a career change. Based on my background and comparing all the other Career Practitioner programs, I chose Langara College’s program which was the only one offered in person. During the 14-week program, I learned a lot from my instructors and built strong relationships with my classmates. I had a 2-week practicum placement which was extremely helpful in my transition into this industry. It was unbelievable! I was hired just before graduating from the program! Just 4 months of studying in the Career Development Professional Certificate program changed the rest of my life!

Thank you all!

Xiaoling, 2023 


In July 2021, I was changing careers and was searching for a fulfilling program at a reputable and serious institution. I reviewed different programs in various universities and colleges and decided to go for the Career Development Professional Certificate (CDPC) at Langara College. I definitely made the right choice!

The 14-week program was quite intensive but excellent. Instructors and staff were very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable, and I had the opportunity to grow my network and build meaningful relationships with my classmates. Being at Langara College was a fantastic experience that helped me grow personally and professionally.

I take this opportunity to THANK YOU for everything and for all the support and understanding I received while at Langara. It certainly helped me to navigate my personal situation much easier and encouraged me to continue with the program.

Ida, 2021

A very interesting and valuable experience for me. I learnt a lot and the program contributed to a good grounding in the basics of communication with others in this field. The training offered me a clear understanding on what it entails to be a successful Career Development Professional. Moreover, the program encouraged critical thinking and really made me think "outside the box", and I thoroughly enjoyed how it enabled me to interact with individuals at my practicum placement.

Amir, 2021

I’d like to express my profound happiness on attending the CDPC 2021 intake that I completed at Langara. It was a program that helped me overcome my fears of facilitation as a whole, and allowed me to grow within the professional field. I was also thankful for the hands-on-experience I gained at my practicum. I'd like to thank Robert and Candiace for completely immersing us into the field of employment counseling and sharing their expertise with us. 

All in all, I found my time at Langara to be a life changing experience that I will never forget!

M., 2021  

My professional journey in Canada was a challenge until I decided to upgrade my skills and join the Career Development Professional Certificate program at Langara College, Continuing Studies Dept.

The program accelerated my chances to enter into the Labour force and helped me to pursue my goals, chase my dreams and accomplish my ambitions. The valuable exposure to the practice of Career Development I received was evident from the beginning. I too became very passionate about the work in this sector!

The program equipped me with the necessary skills and competences needed so that I could successfully gain employment even before I graduated from the program, and in the midst of a pandemic. I cherish the knowledge gained from the program as I work with other professionals in the field.

After all, I chose to learn from the BEST.
Sangeeta, 2020


I am incredibly grateful to have gone through the 14-week full-time Career Development Professional Program at Langara College. Aside from building the theoretical knowledge and professional core competencies necessary to our field, there was a profound focus on serving and caring deeply for our communities. I was part of an extremely supportive cohort that acknowledged one another’s individual strengths while pushing each other to work on weaknesses. Throughout the program, we were given plenty of opportunities to present our research to the class to simulate the role of a Facilitator, and a lot of practice of one-on-one techniques to help in Case Management settings. This program stood out to me for its strong focus and support of each individual student while maintaining great group collaboration, healthy debate, and teamwork. In addition to the coursework, I was given the freedom to seek out my own practicum placement which I found appropriate to my career development. The combination of my practicum experience, earning the certifications of the program, and building a strong network with my cohort are things I will carry with me for the rest of my career. This program “is what you make it” and I believe that anyone who has a sincere interest in this field and is willing to put the work in will come away with an tremendously fulfilling experience.

My sincerest gratitude to Joanne, Cindy, Beatrice, and Yasmin for their leadership, kindness, and support during a period of immense growth and development in my life and career. Thank you.

Chris 2018


I am excited to share that I am employed as a Job Developer/ Facilitator. Shortly after graduating from the Career Development Professional (CDPC) program at Langara College, Continuing Studies, I had many doors open up and I had many interviews from great organizations. Majority of the jobs postings ask for "must have a CDP certificate or an asset"; and the employers end up hiring candidates with a CDP Certificate. The program at Langara College is entirely hands-on, and the instructors are very experienced in the industry. The one-month practicum is beneficial. If you do a good job at your placement, chances are your host employer will approach you when opportunity arises.Gracias Langara and Yasmin it has been a great journey.

Erika 2018

I moved to Canada two years ago and I was unsure how I could transition from my law background to a different career here in Canada. I was informed about the Career Development Professional Certificate program at Langara College and I booked an appointment to learn more about the program. The rest is history! I am extremely happy that I followed through on the advice because I am very pleased with the program delivery and the program objectives. My practicum placement was the best! I learnt a ton and I was able to apply theory into practice. The instructors are industry experts and they are readily available, which makes the intense program go by fast. I feel that I can now comfortably transition to a great career in a great industry. I most certainly appreciate the availability of the instructors and the availability of the program coordinator throughout the program. Thank you so much!

Pitchouna 2018

I called Langara College to learn about their Career Development Professional (CDPC) program and met face-to-face with the program coordinator. Information I received at the meeting was thorough and detailed, which helped me in making the decision to attend the CDPC program at Langara College. I chose the CDPC program at Langara College for various reasons and I am incredibly glad to have graduated from Langara College. The continuous support to the students and learning about our progress while in the program is invaluable. My practicum placement was superb! I enjoyed every minute of the placement because I was able to apply the skills I mastered in class directly to my duties. I am pleased to say that I was employed as a Facilitator / Job Developer. This opportunity came to me while still on my first phase of practicum placement. I was so happy that I had a job lined up even before I had graduated from the program. Thank you Langara College!

Maneesha 2017

I have had a great first week during my practicum with FSGV. I created a learning/development plan and reviewed it with the Program director to ensure that my learning path could be supported. Ursula was very responsive and asked that I connect with the employees that I would like to job shadow with and identify my objectives. Not only was I able to job shadow, but also allowed the opportunity to be proactive in providing solutions when I felt processes could be improved to promote productivity. I had also communicated daily with Ursula on my progress and identified that I would like to be considered for any career opportunities with FSGV, should there be any openings.

By Friday of week one, Ursula had offered me my "dream job" of a  Facilitator for the career exploration and Job search/social media workshops ! She also gave me a second option of a Resource Room Advisor, I was very honored to have the opportunity to choose between the positions and have decided to take the Facilitator role which will allow me the opportunity to apply my knowledge from the CDPC program at Langara.

I can’t wait to get started, and am excited about my future as a Career Development Practitioner.

Devi 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful experience I had taking part in the 2017 CDP program (January-April) at Langara College, Continuing Studies. The program is an excellent introduction to the field of Career Development and provided me with a solid understanding of and foundation in the core competencies needed to become a Career Development Practitioner (CDP).

After my introductory meeting and interview with Yasmin Virji, Program Coordinator, I knew that I was very interested in being part of the CDP program! The program itself is fourteen very intense weeks full of learning opportunities, personal growth and challenge, a variety of instructors and facilitation styles and group dynamics. Our cohort got to know one another very well and developed a strong bond that supported us through demanding coursework and group projects. We stayed in touch during the practicum component and have been a resource to each other throughout our job searches.

The practicum component of the program is invaluable. It provides the chance to put into practice academic skills and knowledge, build a network in the field and gain relevant experience. I was fortunate enough to complete a practicum at WorkBC Vancouver South and upon completion of the practicum, I was interviewed for and offered the position of Career Advisor/Facilitator at the centre. It was very exciting to graduate from the CDP program knowing that I had a position waiting for me!

I would highly recommend the CDP program to anyone who is interested in pursuing further education or a career in the Career Development and Employment industry; it is a great way to transition careers or to use transferable skills and previous work experience to enter the field in a role such as Career Advisor, Facilitator or Case Manager.

The program meets the demands and expectations of the industry and provides students with a solid background prior to employment or on the way to the CCDP designation.

Thank you, Yasmin and thank you to Continuing Studies, Langara College for offering the Career Development Professional program and for providing such a rich and professional learning experience! I am pleased to report that I have made the career transition that I was hoping to make!

Leah 2017

I'd like to express my gratitude for and satisfaction with the CDPC Program I recently completed at Langara.  It was an intense 14 weeks and it's hard to believe how much information was relayed to the students and how much we learned! The 4 week work practicum was just great and allowed me hands-on experience in the field where I will soon be working. I am proud to have earned my CDP Certificate and particularly proud to be the first graduating class of this wonderful program at Langara. Thank you Yasmin for all your support and caring and for genuinely wanting to see us succeed in a field which helps others succeed as well.


Luisella 2016


My experience at Langara College has been amazing from the start. Excellent faculty for continuing education. The classes were very hands on which created an excellent learning environment for me to gain practical skills and confidence as a CDP. During my four-week practicum, I attended three interviews and very happy to say upon graduation I was hired at a great organization as a Settlement Practitioner for an Immigration program. Thank you staff and Career Development Practitioner instructors for providing this opportunity and preparing me for success! I highly recommend anybody to attend Langara College, they strive for providing excellent education


Andrea 2016