The Art of DSLR Video Camera and Lighting Certificate Program is a comprehensive training program designed for students with basic video camera experience who are looking to advance their camera knowledge and/or pursue careers as cinematographers, camera operators, and all round filmmakers. Students will also engage with other film professionals such as the director, producer and editor.


  • Video Fundamentals (15 hours)
  • Intro to DSLR Camera (22 hours)
  • Basic Lighting (22 hours)
  • Basic Final Cut Pro and Lab (24 hours)
  • Camera and Composition (18 hours)
  • The Camera Crew - Filmmaking process (14 hours)
  • Interior and Studio Lighting (24 hours)
  • The Camera Dept and Production Crew (9 hours)
  • The Documentary Shoot (33 hours)
  • Exterior Lighting (25 hours)
  • Shooting Green Screen and SPFX (14 hours)
  • The Assignment (30 hours)
  • The Practicum (60 hours)
  • The Review (12 hours)
  • Guest Lectures (6 hours)
  • Motion Picture Orientation (12 hours)

For more information contact Annat Kennet by phone 604.323.5561 or email