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Text book: 
The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, Third Edition, Salvatore Battaglia.  Approx: $100
Criminal Record Check
Instructions for CRC.   Fee: $35 (subject to change - see government website for current information
Clinic uniform:
Students dress in black pants, black top and comfortable shoes. If the students already have these items, the.n they can wear them with approval of Instructor
Essential Oil kit
For home/clinical use. Approx: $250. Classroom supplies provided.
Massage table
Can be purchased towards the end of the he program (Module Three).  Approx. $500

Benefits of in classroom learning include:

  • Direct immediate experience of essential oils, carrier oils, hydrosols, clays and salts while learning about them. This includes odor, texture, color and volatility
  • Different learning styles are taken into consideration, this includes, handout materials, lecture, discussion, activities, demonstrations, games, video and power point
  • In classroom blending to experience the products directly while learning about them
  • Expert guidance while learning; questions answered immediately
  • Expansive learning through questions asked by other students in the class that you may not have thought about yourself
  • Life- long friendships formed with other students enrolled in the program
  • Products supplied by the college while you are in the program. This includes, blending containers, essential oils, carriers and hydrosols
  • Practice client consultation, product formulation, aromatherapy protocol and application in a clinical setting
  • Direct and immediate feedback form the instructor
  • Field studies through botanical field trip
  • Practical hands on experience with others

New Core Curriculum by BCAOA

In the fall of 2018, the BCAOA updated its Core Curriculum requirements. Langara's Holistic Aromatherapy Practitioner Certificate Program meets and in some cases exceeds the expectatins of the new core curruculum, including: 

  • 75 essential oil profiles
  • 20 carrier oils
  • 10 hydrosols
  • Advanced chemistry within an Aromatherapy context
  • Student research project and paper
  • Threatened and Endangered Plants with in and Aromatherapy context and conservation of
  • Expanded physical conditions and pathologies the aromatherapist may come across in their practice
  • Aromatherapy and hospice or end of life care
  • Aromatherapy used with Postpartum challenges
  • Psychoneuroimmunology and the mind body connection

Since 2007, Langara College has been offering The Holistic Aromatherapy Program. It is the only public College within Canada to do so. This unique program offers students hands on learning in a class room and clinical setting. The course consists of 250 classroom instructional hours which includes 36 clinical hours where students meet with the general public and offer aromatherapy consultations, blending of essential oils and application through massage, inhalation and foot reflexology. The program is not limited to in classroom learning and for this reason it has been recognized to meet the educational standards and requirements of 400 hours as established by the BCAOA. In 2012, The Holistic Aromatherapy Practitioner Program was reviewed by the Educational Advisory Committee at Langara Continuing Studies and found to meet the educational requirements of the College. Thus students who complete the program are issued the Holistic Aromatherapy Practitioner Certificate by Langara College.

The lead instructor and author of the Holistic Aromatherapy Practitioner Program is Lynne Edel. Lynne has worked within the aromatherapy field since 2000. She discovered the healing benefits of Aromatherapy through her own health struggles and is passionate about sharing the healing wisdom, science and art of aromatherapy with others. Her primary focus has always been application of the knowledge gained through her studies in order to help others. Through specific client formulations, protocols and applications she has maintained her own private practice for 18 years. She has volunteered her services to women living with addictions and to those in recovery.

Beginning in the September 2019 intake, students interested in the Langara College Holistic Aromatherapy program must submit an application for study ($40 application fee), and once accepted must submit payment for the whole program.  This includes all three modules.  The option to register for Level 1 independantly is no longer available.