Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Balance System of Acupuncture program is a professional development program for those already practicing acupuncture. If you have a license to practice acupuncture you may register for the upcoming prerequisites. License to practice applies to the jurisdiction you will be practicing in.

Entry to Level 1
License to Practice: Any health care practitioner with basic Acupuncture Foundational training, min 250 foundational training hours (e.g. organ and meridian pathways, acupoint locations, special points and categories, etc.)  This includes allopathic medical physicians and naturopathic physicians, beyond registered Acupuncturists. You may register for Certificate program and also prerequisites and/or equivalency while waiting for entry approval.

Equivalency Exams are available to those who have training in the balance method. Please email to inquire about eligibility.

Other entry options consideration:

A student who has completed all required TCM course work (or Acupuncture schooling, minimum 250 hours), but has not yet written the exam to obtain their license to practice may take Level 1 and Level 2. Please email to inquire.

Download this PDF to view the upcoming schedule for certificate and prerequisites

  • Prerequisite courses (BSAP1101 & 1102) are $500 each.
  • Certificate program (BSAP1103-1109) is $2800 
  • You may register for the prerequisites individually (each course is $500).
  • There is an option to write an equivalency exam(s) if you have completed similar content prior. Fees for the equivalency exams are $175/exam, plus invigilation fee if taken offsite. Email if you believe you may qualify for this option.
  • Students must register and pay at the same time for all courses in the certificate program. A 5% discount is available if paying the program fee prior to January 15, 2020.
  • Download a registration form for assistance. When ready to register, please call 604.323.5322

Yes! After Module 1 of the program you will walk away with knowledge that you can immediately integrate into your practice. Single System Balances can be a great tool for treating all types of pain, sports injuries and headaches. The program is designed to give you the confidence to go back to your practice and start treating right away! The month in between the modules allows time for students to utilize their new techniques before starting the next level. Each time we meet there will be an opportunity for students to present their questions, challenges and success stories.

The most important thing to understand about learning the Balance Method of Acupuncture is that it will provide you with an entirely new understanding of how to practice acupuncture. You will be given a logical framework that will guide you to an appropriate treatment for a wide variety of conditions. You will learn tools that will serve you well regardless of your area of focus. Pain, sports injuries, emotional issues, digestion, hormones, dermatology can all be addressed using the balance method. The step by step problem solving strategies presented in this course will help you feel confident in choosing point protocols.

The course will primarily be theory based. Classes will consist of teaching and grand rounds discussions about case studies. There may be a small amount of time allocated to finding lesser known points, etc but there will not be needling. The vast majority of points discussed in the program will already be known to anyone licensed to practice acupuncture.

This will vary from student to student, but will most likely amount to a few hours a month to prepare for each of the module exams. Students should plan to immediately integrate what they learn in each module into their practices to fast track their understanding.

Over the course of the program students will be required to present 2 cases from their own practice.

  • Exams will occur via an online format approximately two weeks after each Module.
  • The exception is for Levels 7 and 8 as you will write a final exam at the end of the program that will cover content from those two modules as well.
  • See posted schedule for dates and times

Yes! Practitioners with some background in the balance method will be able to challenge the exams from earlier modules. If they pass the exams they will be able to enroll only in the more advanced modules. Please see the registration form for dates, times and the process to inquire about eligibiltiy.

For those who register before January 15, 2020 there is a 5% discount available for the certificate program (BSAP1103-1109). Prerequisites are to be paid individually per course. No discount is available for BSAP1101 and BSAP1102

Unfortunately not. As the program occurs only one weekend a month it does not meet the minimum hours needed to qualify for student loan funding. It may be possible to receive independent funding from other institutions such as banks, credit unions, etc based on your individual circumstances.

What if something comes up and I can't attend a module?
The schedule is set up so that it is only one weekend per month plus the exam. This allows for scheduling time to complete the program in its entirity. We understand that sometimes unexpected circumstances can arise and we will discuss each situation with the students as they occur. Please reach out to the instructor and the program coordinator if you require consideration of an alternate schedule.

Follow these steps to inquire if you are eligible to write the equivalency test.

(1) To have your academic qualification assessed*, apply by email to the instructor Dr. Sonia Tan,, with your proof of equivalent course completion,

(2) If approved, call the registration office at 604-323-5322 to register for the date/time/level of your approved equivalency exam. This may include the ability to take the test offsite, via an invigilation centre, depending on technical availability in your area. Please make note of the dates of the equivalency tests, and apply a minimum 2 weeks prior to the date. Current dates may be found here.

* Core Foundations from Academy of Acupuncture and Si Yuan are examples of current acceptable equivalents
Note there are fees associated with taking an equivalency exam.

Rewrites are only provided to those students who have received a minimum 55% grade on their final exam. Rewrites or reschedules require instructor and program coordinator approval. 

Follow these steps to inquire if you are eligible to obtain a rewrite if you have failed an exam, or you are unable to attend the scheduled date of the exam. 

(1) Email the instructor Dr. Sonia Tan,, with the reason you would like a rewrite or a reschedule.

(2) If approved, call the registration office at 604-323-5322 to register for the date/time/level of your approved exam. This may include the ability to take the test offsite via an invigilation centre, depending on technical availability in your area. Please ensure you provide sufficient time to registere and organize these exams. It is preferred to have a minimum 2 weeks lead time prior to the date. Please note that exam fees are associated with any approved rewrite.

Note there are fees associated with rewrites or reschedules ($60-$100 depending on the time of the exam). If you are using an offsite invigilator, there will likely be associated fees for their services as well.