These courses may be taken for professional interest and also as entry requirement into the Balance System of Acupuncture Certificate Program (BSAP).


Must have a license to legally practice acupuncture in their field and have a minimum 250 hours of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine training.  Equivalency options are available. Please email to inquire about equivalency options and to provide a copy of your license to practice.

Prerequisites and equivalency exams available Fall 2021 and Spring 2022. Certificate program intake begins in 2022.

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada


If you have a license to practice acupuncture, you may apply for these courses by calling 604.323.5322. Once registered you may apply for the certificate program in January 2022 term.

Equivalency Options are available

Levels 1 & 2 provide practitioners with the knowledge and confidence to apply these skills immediately in their practice. Successful completion of these courses provide entry into the Balance System of Acupuncture certificate program.

Practitioners such as Registered Acupuncturists, MD’s, ND’s and others that have taken the basic foundations, can elevate and deepen their practice and improved their clinical outcomes.The Balance System of Acunpuncture Certificate program's prerequisite courses, provide practitioners with the confidence through didactic and clinical hours, as well as competency testing. This foundation may be applied immediately into practice and provide them with the groundwork, understanding, and real-life examples as they work towards a certificate in this field.

Certificate Prerequisites:

Level 1: Single Systems: Balance System of Acupuncture 1

This course provides the basic foundations of five main systems of the Balance Method/System. The systems are rooted in the concept of healing the body by balancing meridians. Student will learn the history of the Balance Method/System, the basis of each of the Five Systems, and the logical processes for determining the meridians to acupuncture, including an easy‐to‐use format to outline the  treatment plan.

Level 2: Multiple Systems: Balance System of Acupuncture 2

This class will discuss treatment of functional and internal disorders and how to treat them with multiple systems of the Balance System of Acupuncture. Students will expand on the knowledge from Module I, to include treating internal medicine disorders, including the discussion of complicated cases that include both MSK pain and functional internal disorders. The mirror and imaging format will be further discussed as well as advanced treatments such an Eight‐ Meridian and Four‐Meridian combos.


Instruction is provided in an intimate and personalized learning environment. Curriculum includes both instructional and clinical hours, competency testing after each weekend, and on-going professional development with senior “gold-level” practitioners.

Areas of advanced studies in this 95 hour program, plus additional time for examinations, includes:

  • The history of the Balance System method of acupuncture and the basis of the Five Systems or elements that comprise the human organism.
  • The history and application of the mechanisms of acupuncture including Channel Theory, Mirroring and Imaging.
  • The relationship of the channels (pathways through which the energy flows) of the body to the Guas (universal energies), to the I-Ching (an ancient Chinese text) and Multiple Systems Balance.
  • The history of Zang-Fu diagnostic practices, herbal diagnosis and treatment, and effective channel conversion.
  • Balancing the meridians of the body to support optimal health.
  • Advanced treatment techniques such as eight and four meridian combinations.
  • Strategies to regulate the energy systems of the body to treat complicated pathological conditions.
  • Seasonal and four section timing methods shu-transporting points (energy channels that correspond to one of the five elements).
  • Understanding holistic approaches to healing in acupuncture.

Program details

  • Entry requirement: BSA Level 1 & 2 or equivalent
  • Certificate program fee: $2800 includes registration in all 6 certificate program courses plus final summation exam.
  • Course length varies from 9.5 to 16 hours  (2-3 days plus exam day)
  • Exam length varies from 1- 4 hours
  • Successful completion of prior level required to move on to the next level. No refunds available once program has been started.
  • Course descriptions and upcoming dates available in "Courses" tab on this website

Registration 604.323.5322

Why take the program?

  • Deepen and elevate your practice while receiving validation for your training with a Certificate, and improve your confidence in the knowledge and application of the system.
  • Small class sizes = enhanced and more connected learning.
  • Learn from a direct disciple of Dr. Richard Tehfu Tan, who is both an experienced clinician and academic teacher – Dr. Sonia F. Tan.
  • Upon successful completion of the program receive a Certificate from a public post secondary institution, validating and acknowledging your knowledge and competency in this highly specialized area of Acupuncture!

Target Audience:

Great for Medical Doctors/GP’s, Naturopaths and Registered/Licensed Acupuncturists to learn across the globe! Entry into prerequisites: Must be able to legally practice acupuncture in their field and have a minimum 250 hours of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine training. Certificate program entry available for those with equivalent training.

See this website under "Frequently Asked Questions" for more information.

Useful reference documents:

Follow these steps to inquire if you are eligible to write the equivalency test:

  1. Have your academic qualification assessed*: email the instructor Dr. Sonia Tan, with proof of equivalent course completion. Copy on your email.
  2. Once approved, you will be advised to register for the equivalency exam. 
  3. You may arrange alternate dates and testing locations, including the ability to take the test offsite, via an invigilation centre, depending on technical availability in your area. Outside testing centre fees may apply.

Note: A minimum of 2 weeks is required to arrange testing. 

Equivalency Exam Fees:

Option One: $175 per level (ie. Level 1: Single Systems or Level 2: Multiple Systems)

Option Two: $297.50 (if you write both levels on the same date)

* Core Foundations from Academy of Acupuncture and Si Yuan are examples of current acceptable equivalents
email to express interest in writing an equivalency exam