Balance System of Acupuncture


Prerequisites and equivalency exams begin Summer 2022

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A unique offering. Based on a long lineage of ancient, authentic teachings. Earn a recognized certificate in this highly specialized area of acupuncture. Medical doctors, Naturopaths and Registered Licensed Acupuncturists will find this program’s applications an important addition to their practice. The Balance System Acupuncture, expands on The Channel Theory, exploring practices to effectively deliver more immediate, lasting results.


  • Improve your clinical outcomes with higher efficiency and with more consistent, quicker results
  • Discover an effective, logical system for the application of acupuncture
  • Instructor, Dr. Sonia F. Tan. A well-practiced, experienced clinical professional whose training was received directly from Dr. Richard Tehfu Tan.
  • Small class sizes to receive enhanced and personalized training
  • Weekend classes to support out-of-town and working professionals
  • Full program, including prerequisites eligible for 95 CEUs with the CTCMA and CNPBC
  • Receive a Balance System of Acupuncture certificate from a recognized public post-secondary institution
  • Work with like-minded colleagues to grow your knowledge in this evolving practice
  • Improved knowledge and competency in a specialized area of acupuncture

History of Balance System of Acupuncture

First discovered as “The Balance Method” in ancient, classic Chinese medicine texts, Dr. Chao Chen published these historic Channel Theory based practices in 1970 and at the same time began to teach these methods to a professional audience. The Balance Method was further refined by Dr. Richard Tehfu Tan, OMD, LAc, who recognized this practice as a more in-depth and refined way to utilize Channel Theory with efficient results. Through Dr. Tehfu Tan, and senior student colleagues like Dr. Sonia Tan, this method has become increasingly popularized, with its teachings expanding to a broader global audience.

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