Registration now open.

To register, please call 604.323.5322. It would be helpful to have this supporting document with you at time of registration registration summary document

This program is intended for medical doctors and general practitioners, naturopaths and registered licensed acupuncturists. To register, students must be able to legally practice acupuncture in their professional field (Mininum 250 hours requirement of acupuncture and traditional chinese Medicine training).

Proof of professional status is required

The BSA certificate program provides a further development of and deeper sophisticated theoretical and practical skill set of the current foundation of Acupuncture. As a result, any health care practitioner that has basic Acupuncture Foundational training (e.g. organ and meridian pathways, acupoint locations, special points and categories, etc.), and a minimum 250 hours of foundational training is eligible for entry into the prerequisites. This includes medical physicians and naturopathic physicians, beyond registered Acupuncturists. The option to write an equivalent challenge exam for the prerequisites is available to those who have taken similar studies elsewhere.

Total cost of Prerequisites and Certificate Program $3,800

$500/prerequisite (BSAP1101 & BSAP1102)

$2800 for the certificate program* (6 modules plus the final exam BSAP1103 to BSAP1109).


Registration now open.

Call 604.323.5322.

Once you register with Langara, and have your student number, please submit a copy of your professional status supported by this attached registration summary document to: or by fax to 604.323.5899 or by post: Karen Ramsden, Langara College Continuing Studies, 100 W. 49th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V5Y 2Z6.  If you are not sure if you qualify for registration, please email

*Certificate program admission requirement: successful completion of BSAP1101 & 1102 or equivalent, and full payment of program fee ($2800) for registration in BSAP1103 to 1109. Note: courses within the certificate program are not available for individual registration.