Computer Skills for the Office Certificate Program - Immigrant and Racialized Women

Program Overview

The Computer Skills for the Office Certificate Program is a short-term (6-month) skills-training certificate program for immigrant and racialized women that provides a series of hands-on courses leading to mastery of the most frequently used office applications, as well as business communications and job search skills. This program is suitable for those who are making a career change or looking to upskill to increase their opportunities in the job market. Completion of this program will provide participants a competitive edge and open doors to mid-level administrative assistant positions.

This program is FULLY FUNDED for eligible participants. All textbooks and course materials will be provided with no additional charges.

The program will begin on June 2021. All classes will be delivered online.

The progarm is currently at capacity. Thank you very much for your interest.

Program Outline

Whether you work in the public, private, volunteer sector or just want new skills - Computer Skills for the Office provides a series of hands-on courses leading to mastery of all the popular office applications. You'll create attractive and professional looking documents, riveting presentations, and powerful spreadsheets. In addition, you'll learn important soft skills such as Business Communication that will enable you to work effecivetly in any team. This program also includes an employment readiness component to help you succeed in landing a job in today's competitive labour market.

Program Stucture

All classes are delivered online. Students can expect 2-3 hours of online class each day Monday to Friday. In addition, students can expect to spend 6-10 hours on homework, assigned reading and project per week.


  • Computer Fundamentals – CSFW 1058 (12 hrs)
  • Keyboarding 1 – CSFW 1014 (15 hrs)
  • Word 1: Better Documents – CSFW 1025 (18 hrs)
  • Word 2: Advanced Feature – CSFW 2008 (18 hrs)
  • Excel 1: Better Spreadsheets – CSFW 1026 (18 hrs)
  • Excel 2: Advanced Feature – CSFW 2009 (18 hrs)
  • Access 1: Database Fundamental – CSFW 1028 (18 hrs)
  • Access 2: Advanced Database – CSFW 2010 (18 hrs)
  • PowerPoint: Dynamic Presentations - CSFW 1027 (18 hrs)
  • Outlook: Personal Organizer – CSFW 1031 (18 hrs)
  • Business Communications – GBSC 1004 (36 hrs)

Total = 207 hours

Employment Assistance Services
  • Employment Strategies for Current Labour Markets - EXPE 2300 (26 hrs)

Total = 26 hours