Professional Bookkeeper Short Certificate Program - Immigrant and Racialized Women

Program Overview

The Professional Bookkeeper Short Certificate Program is a short-term (33 weeks) skills-training short certificate program for immigrant and racialized women that provides a thorough understanding of the technical knowledge and applications of general bookkeeping principles. Participant progress through introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels of bookkeeping. In addition to the fundamentals of bookkeeping, this program will provide hands-on courses leading to mastery of Microsoft Office Suite as well as popular accounting platforms such as QuickBooks. Completion of this program will provide participants a competitive edge and open doors to a career as a bookkeeper.

This program is FULLY FUNDED for eligible participants. All textbooks and course materials will be provided with no additional charges.

The program will begin on February 6, 2023. All classes will be delivered online.

Program Outline

Technology has changed the way we conduct business, communicate, and relay information. This is especially true for bookkeepers, who often have to perform tasks such as invoicing, collecting payment, and updating their books digitally using cloud-based accounting software. In addition, you'll learn important soft skills such as Business Communication that will enable you to work effecivetly in any team. This program also includes an employment readiness component to help you succeed in landing a job in today's competitive labour market.

Program Stucture

All classes are delivered online. Students can expect 2-3 hours of online class each day Monday to Friday. In addition, students can expect to spend 6-10 hours on homework, assigned reading and projects per week.


  • Computer Fundamentals – CSFW 1058
  • Keyboarding 1 – CSFW 1014
  • Keyboarding 2 – CSFW 2003
  • Bookkeeping Level 1 – ADMN 1021
  • Bookkeeping Level 2 – ADMN 2001
  • QuickBooks Level 1 – CSFW 1030
  • QuickBooks Level 2 – CSFW 2030
  • Microsoft Office – BSAD 1029
  • Income Tax for Bookkeepers – BSAD 1093
  • Payroll Administration – BSAD 1095
  • Business Communications – GBSC 1004
  • Employment Assistance Services