Nov 10, 2014


Vancouver, BC - When Cheryl, Charlene, and Jocelyn Minns entered the Web Publisher Certificate Program, they never expected it would lead to such diverse career paths. Cheryl went on to study journalism, Charlene pursued bookkeeping, accounting, and marketing, and Jocelyn moved into technology and computer science. The web publishing program gave each of them a solid foundation that guided them through full-time studies and into their current careers. They chose the Continuing Studies program because it offered a variety of web courses using the latest software programs, giving them a well-rounded understanding of internet technology.

Cheryl’s creative curiosity led her to the Web Marketing Certificate Program. She expanded her online marketing skills, learned social media strategies, and enriched her web management techniques. As a Langara Journalism graduate and freelance arts and entertainment journalist, she makes good use of her web writing, SEO, and social media skills. Charlene’s interest in the business of web development led to additional courses in Computer Skills for the Office and completing the Professional Bookkeeping Certificate. Charlene used her technology skills when she completed an internship as a bookkeeper at an established property management company, leading to a permanent job. Jocelyn found herself drawn to the technical aspect of web development and applied to Langara’s Computer Science program, where she looks to complete her computer science degree before entering the fast-moving technology industry.

Continuing Studies allowed Cheryl, Charlene, and Jocelyn to pursue their interests in technology and explore various fields of study that led to diverse careers. Their positive transition through Continuing Studies is one of the many reasons they successfully completed their full-time studies at Langara.

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