Aug 21, 2013


'Hunter' courtesy of Michael Hall

Vancouver, BC
- Michael Hall, a former Continuing Studies photography student, has launched his first exhibition at Telus World of Science. Entanglement, a series of large photographs captures a fictional culture of people who inhabit, dress, and survive in a world of plastic waste, runs through October 31st.

Entanglement was a project I had been working on for three or four years. The first iteration was actually done while I was at Langara,” said Hall. He hopes the exhibition will encourage people to understand our relationship with plastic, encouraging people to ask questions and engage with the actual problem.

Hall faced a short turnaround time this past summer to complete the project, but said that a sense of urgency helped inspire the people involved. “Entanglement was an exercise in urgency. Once Science World was interested I had to raise the money, shoot the project, and get it finished all within a 10-week deadline. It was intense but it made decision-making much more decisive and I think that is a great way to operate as an artist. It certainly kept me from over-thinking, and I had such an amazing team around me that it was easier to stay on course.”

 “I’d seen friends’ work evolve quickly after studying at Langara,” said Hall. He enrolled in Continuing Studies photography in 2011 after completing a degree in film to build up his portfolio. “I knew I needed more technical knowledge about photography, and to learn the business side. The Langara program totally delivered.”

The transition from film to photography was fairly simple for Hall, who always had a passion for imagery. “I think I started making films when I was younger because we had a video camera and it was free and I could just keep recording over the same tapes. After making some short films as an adult, I started to become more attracted to the power of the still image. A still image can tell a story extremely well and very efficiently. I would say that I find photography very challenging and satisfying for this reason. As photographers we seek to capture the apex of a moment.”

Hall’s work has won multiple awards and been featured in magazines including Luerzer’s Archive. He has won Rock and Ice photography contests for lifestyle and alpine images and contests in BC Magazine.

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'Nest' courtesy of Michael Hall