English Language Proficiency

Students must possess a level of English proficiency sufficient to support studies at Langara College.

Langara English Test (LET) OR Language Proficiency Index (LPI)

Students planning to enrol in a first-semester English or Communications course or certain Biology, Economics, or Philosophy courses must take the Langara English Test (LET) or BC Language Proficiency Index Test (LPI) prior to the semester in which they plan to register. Application forms are available at the Langara Counselling Department, or online by following the links below. Students who have at least 80% in BC English 12 or BC English Literature 12 or BC English First Peoples 12,  or equivalent are not required to write the LET or LPI. Please refer to prerequisite information in the course descriptions, which can be found in Programs & Courses.

Online application forms:

Preparation guides for the LET and the LPI are available through the Langara Library.

English Language Proficiency for International Students

English is the language of instruction at Langara College. International students are required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language prior to admission to post-secondary programs.