We recommend that you prepare for the MDT. Students looking for review and practice material might want to look for ONE of these mathematics books in the Langara College Library. Select the course that you would like to take, and then choose one of the books in that section. If you do not have a Langara College library card, then you can go to a public library and select a book with a similar title. Alternatively, you can do your review work at the Langara Library.

We do not have practice tests for the MDT. We do not have a course that prepares you to take the MDT.

You will write either Test 1 OR Test 2 OR the Stats Test. Select the test that  you want to write based on your math background and based on what course you want to take at Langara. Check with the Langara math/stat advisor (math.stat.info@langara.ca) if you are uncertain which test to write.

Test 1

The first part of Test 1 (30 multiple choice questions) assesses your arithmetic skills, while the second part of Test 1 (20 multiple choice questions) assesses algebra and simple equations; both sections include some multiple-choice word problems. You can find a copy of the BCIT practice test on the BCIT website . Be sure to practice without using a calculator.

Additional practice problems are available on the University of Athabasca website.
Section A is good practice for Part I of Test #1 (do not use a calculator). Section B is good practice for Part II of Test #1 (do not use a calculator)

You can also check out the TRU-OL self-assessment parts A, B, C.

Most students will not write the third part of Langara's Test 1, which covers more advanced algebra. Only if you score at least 90% on the first 50 questions, and if you want to take math 1152, will you be asked to write part III. You should find an advanced algebra book to review -- see the MATH 1152 list of textbooks on the library list, or look at the first 15-20 sections of the BCIT Math 12 review.

Test 2

Test 2 assesses your knowledge of everything from grade 1 to grade 12 math, excluding probability, statistics and combinatorics.

A good preliminary review of Math 11 and 12 topics -- examples with solutions -- can be found on the  BCIT web site and here. However students hoping to take Calculus should be very competent with the topics on this Calculus Readiness Test.

Additional practice problems are available on the University of Athabasca website. Use Section C as practice for parts of Test #2.
Note – Langara’s MDT does not test on probability or statistics.

SFU has a Calculus Readiness Test that you can practice, as does Thompson Rivers University - try sections C and D.

Statistics Test

Check here for practice problems; you may use a calculator on this test.