I. MDT (Math Diagnostic Test)/SDT (Stat Diagnostic Test)

Where can I get information on the MDT/SDT?

For info on the MDT/SDT, in the Langara website in the menu on the left, go to Admissions, then Diagnostic Tests. Hover over the Mathematics Diagnostic Test and you will see a drop-down menu including the dates and times of MDT sittings, topics for the various tests (Test1, Test 2, and the SDT), a list of books, and sample questions.

How often is the MDT/SDT given?

The MDT/SDT is given multiple times each semester; put MDT in the search box on the Langara website for details regarding dates and times, preparation, fee, etc.

How often can I take the MDT?

You may take the MDT no more than ONCE in a given semester.

How much is the MDT/SDT and where do I sign up?

The fee for the MDT is $45.00. You may sign up online or at Continuing Studies. 

I did my high-school math outside of BC (in Canada or outside Canada). Do I have to write the MDT/SDT?

Yes, all students with out-of-province high-school math must write the MDT/SDT.

What do I have to bring to the MDT/SDT?

A: Bring your calculator (for Test 2 and the SDT; note that calculators are NOT allowed in Test 1). Also bring your ID and writing implements (including pen, pencil, and eraser).  Lastly, bring your receipt of payment.

The website says for the MDT that there are 3 tests: Test 1, Test 2, and the SDT (Statistics Diagnostic Test). Do I have to take all three?

No, you are expected to write only ONE test to see which math course you are ready for. It is important that you write the test that is appropriate for your level.  Test 1 is for all courses that require MDT 60 and lower, Test 2 is for courses that require MDT 60 or higher, and the SDT is for STAT1124 and PSYCH2321 or KINS 2206.  Please note that for Test 2, knowledge of Math 12 is highly recommended; writing Test 2 when you do not have the necessary background in Math is a waste of your money and time.

Is the MDT/SDT scored as a percentage? For example, do I have to get 95% to be eligible for MATH1171?

No, the MDTSDT score is not a percentage; it is a code that allows us to know which course is appropriate for you. There are cut-offs for the various sections of the test which you have to meet (for example, 25 out of 30 questions correct).

I plan to take a MATH course and STAT 1124. Do I have to write both Test 1 or 2 and the SDT?

No, passing the SDT is scored as 53. If you get a score of 55 or higher in Test 1 or Test 2 then you will be deemed to have passed the SDT.

I have read all the above questions and answers. If I still have questions about the MDT/SDT, whom should I contact?

Please write to the Math Student Advisor math.info@langara.ca for any remaining math questions you may have about the MDT and statadvisor@langara.ca for any remaining statistics questions you may have about the SDT.



I need to upgrade my MATH 10/11/12? Which Langara course(s) can I take?

Our courses do not really line up with high-school courses. In fact many of our pre-requisites are high-school courses such as Precalculus11 and 12. If you wish to get quality preparation for math, you may try the MDT to see which of our courses is appropriate for your level. On the other hand, depending on your time-line you may try the VSB Adult Ed Centres, VCC, or online.

I am taking STAT1123 (no pre-requisite) and I am hoping to get an A to enter the Nursing Program. I am a little worried about getting an A and I am also worried about not having the pre-requisite for STAT1124. I am also a little afraid of taking the SDT (Statistics Diagnostic Test) as so many years have passed since I did Math in high-school.  May I use my grade in STAT1123 as a pre-requisite for STAT1124?

Not really. STAT1124 has a MATH pre-requisite so you need to take the SDT. For info on the SDT/ MDT, on the Langara website, under Admissions, go to Diagnostic Tests. Hover over the Mathematics Diagnostic Test and you will see a drop-down menu with the topics for the various tests (Test 1, Test 2, and SDT), a list of books, and sample questions. 



I am currently in one course (say MATH1150) and doing okay but I want to be sure of being able to do the next course (so MATH1152). May I get an override?

The system assumes that you will pass the course you are in and will allow you to register in the next course. Your registration will hold until grades come out. If you pass, you will keep your registration. If not, the system drops you.

I have taken a course twice and for various reasons I have to take it a third time. May I get a Repeat Limit Override?

Repeat limit overrides (if they are given) are not given until two weeks after registration has started. Please email your math repeat limit override request to math.info@langara.ca and your statistics repeat limit override requests to statadvisor@langara.ca with a letter that contains your name and student number, the course name and number, and a few lines explaining in which semesters your attempts were made and your results. Also indicate your plans for success in the third attempt.  Your letter can be either in Word or PDF form.

I am presently taking the pre-requisite (e.g., Math 12 at an Adult Ed Centre) and will not get my mark until after registration has started. May I get an early override and then come and show you my result?

No, we do not give early overrides. You must complete the pre-requisite before registering.



I am planning to take an introductory statistics course. Which of STAT1123, 1124 or 1181 should I take?

Students who are planning to transfer their Langara introductory statistics course to university should consider carefully.  For UBC Commerce Transfer, you need STAT 1181. For SFU Business Admin Transfer, you also need STAT 1181. For Health Science, Dietetics, or Social Science, you need STAT 1124. Please note that STAT 1123 is NOT a prerequisite course nor is it a preparatory course for 1124 or 1181.  It's a waste of your time to take STAT1123 if you intend to take STAT1124 or 1181.