The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) currently offers two-year university studies/open enrolment Diploma and Associate Degree programs that provide multidisciplinary perspectives on a variety of topics. All IDS programs subscribe to the principle that exploring issues and ideas beyond the boundaries of individual single subject areas is stimulating and informative. Interdisciplinary Studies programs are also committed to offering students unique opportunities to develop their analytical and communication skills, assets that have widespread applications.

Specific requirements for a diploma or an associate degree vary from program to program, but each program allows students the opportunity to assemble a set of university-transfer courses that meet program core requirements while accommodating individual student interests. This is accomplished through a program structure that encourages students to include a wide range of optional support course selections to meet diploma requirements.

Areas of Concentration

Upon completion of the first year of post-secondary studies (10 courses, 30 credits), students may make a formal declaration in writing to the Chair of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies stating their intention to pursue a diploma or an associate degree with a concentration in an IDS program.

The selection of students to participate formally in one of the IDS programs is based upon completion of 30 credits and CGPA (3.0 minimum preferred) and provides priority registration in those courses needed to fulfil the diploma or associate degree requirements. Students not formally selected to participate in a departmental program may still pursue a diploma or an associate degree in their selected area of concentration, but they register for all required courses according to the normal registration schedule for university studies/open enrolment students.