Langara College is the smart way to go to university. We provide the most comprehensive University Studies/Open Enrolment Program of any college in BC. More students transfer to BC universities from Langara College than from any other college in the province.

Our students enjoy a wide range of academic offerings in more than 60 subject areas and benefit from smaller class sizes, excellent support services, outstanding instructors, and competitive tuition fees. We offer 3 semesters per year, so students are free to study at their own pace.

Depending on courses chosen, students who complete a minimum of 60 credits (normally 20 courses) may apply for an Associate Degree or Arts and Science Diploma. These credits may be transferred to BC colleges and universities, as well as many universities in Canada, allowing students to continue in their university studies

University Studies/Open Enrolment Programs

A Langara College program consists of a planned selection of courses that together provide purposeful study towards some definite educational or occupational goal.

Langara College offers arts and science courses and university studies/open enrolment programs in a variety of subject areas that can lead to a Langara College credential. Most arts and science courses have transfer credit at universities in British Columbia and will transfer to other universities within Canada.