Transfer to University

Whether you know your educational path or are just figuring out how to navigate your options, we will be with you every step of the way.

Our rigorous and innovative curriculum with competitive tuition fees will provide you with a strong foundation to pursue further education or to build a career of your choosing. Our passionate instructors deliver tailored learning experiences designed to help you succeed.

Choose Your Own Path

Langara College is the smart way to start your path to university. By choosing our Open Enrolment program option, you can complete your first two years of university-level courses at Langara. Earn your associate degree or diploma, then apply your academic credits to a bachelor's degree offered at Langara, or transfer them to a second-or third-year standing at a university, such as the University of British Columbia or Simon Fraser University.

We provide the most comprehensive Open Enrolment/University Studies program of any college in BC in the areas of arts, business, health, humanities, science, social sciences, and technology. We offer three semesters per year, so you are free to study at your own pace.

Open Enrolment Programs

Open Enrolment programs allow you the flexibility to explore subject areas of interest. You can complete your first two years of university-level courses here and most of your credits will be university-transferable. 

TIP: When applying to Langara, apply for an Open Enrolment program as a second choice. It doesn’t cost any more, but it gives you full flexibility to take any pre-requisities, required courses (such as English), and any electives in your first term while you are waiting to start the specific program of your choice.

University Transfer Programs and Courses

University-transferable programs allow you to complete the first year or two of a degree program at Langara and earn a credential before transferring to a university. Most of the courses in these programs transfer to a post-secondary institutions in BC and beyond.

UT Programs

As an example, you can take courses in any of the university transfer subject areas or apply to complete the Associate Degree in that specialization:

Aboriginal Studies

Commerce & Business Studies

Creative Writing


Engineering Transfer


Latin American Studies

Political Science

Women's Studies

For a complete list of University Studies courses and programs, please visit the Programs and Courses page.

UT Courses:

While planning your course timetable, have you considered taking electives in any of these subject areas? You can sample courses to help round out your post-secondary experience or create your own area of interest in your Open Enrolment program.


Art History



Modern Languages:
Chinese, French, Greek, Japanese, & Spanish

Religious Studies

Science Literacy


Please check the British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer website for specific transfer details at