1. Secondary school graduation is normally required for admission to career studies/limited enrolment programs.  Students who are 19 years of age or older may be considered for some programs without secondary school completion. Some programs have additional academic requirements and/or require additional submissions and procedures such as interviews, testing, auditions, or portfolios. Check program listings for detailed admission requirements.

  2. Students currently in BC Grade 12, who satisfy admission requirements may be considered for conditional acceptance based on mid-term marks. Final acceptance is subject to confirmation of graduation.

  3. Students are required to meet appointment times and dates for testing and interviews.

NOTE: All transcripts and supporting documents submitted with an application for admission become the property of Langara College and are under no circumstances returned to the applicant. Exceptions may be made for irreplaceable documents, providing Registrar and Enrolment Services is informed upon submission of the documents that the documents cannot be replaced.

BC secondary school students currently in Grade 12 may have their records sent electronically to Langara College by the Ministry of Education. Students must request this by completing the online Post-Secondary Selections Form and provide their BC Personal Education Number on their application for admission to Langara College. No further action is necessary. Students must provide an official transcript to Registrar and Enrolment Services as soon as it is available if they have not asked the Ministry to forward the grades electronically.

If students want to register in a course that has a prerequisite that has been earned at another institution (secondary or post-secondary), they must request that this information be put on their file at least ten weeks in advance of their registration date.

For secondary school prerequisites (if the student is not a current BC secondary school student), students must submit an official secondary school transcript. For post-secondary prerequisites, students must submit an official transcript from the transferring institution, copies of course descriptions, and a Transfer Credit Request form and associated fee. Transcript Request forms can also be downloaded from the College website or picked up at Registrar and Enrolment Services.

A unique nine-digit Langara College ID number is assigned to each student. This ID number is required for registration and must be noted on all documents and correspondence submitted to Langara College. Once the student has registered for courses, this number must be used in all transactions with the College.