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Vision & Values

Langara’s 2025 Strategic Plan presents an inspiring vision of where the College strives to be in five years. It builds on the significant progress by Langara within our 2020 plan.


  • A deepening relationship with Musqueam.
  • Academic program review, renewal, and development, which has supported significant enrolment growth and strong financial performance.
  • Major improvements to our information technology infrastructure and systems.
  • Enhancements to business processes.
  • The development of a new 25-year Campus Master Plan.
  • Our 49th anniversary celebration and first-ever comprehensive fundraising and alumni engagement campaign, Beyond 49.

So much growth, change, and progress in a relatively short time brings new challenges. Adding to that, the global COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted the post-secondary sector, including Langara’s students, employees, and the communities we serve. This new Strategic Plan seeks to address those challenges, while highlighting new opportunities. It sets out a vision of an institution that embraces Indigenization, celebrates its diversity, engages broadly with the community and government in our students’ interests, and above all, provides relevant, accessible, high-quality learning experiences for our students, supporting the social and economic sustainability of the region.

This Strategic Plan is a complementary document to the new Academic Plan. Together they set the course for Langara over the coming five years.


Langara College is Canada’s premier pathways college.


Langara College provides diverse learners with the academic and experiential foundation for further education, career success, and professional and personal development.


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We strive for excellence – for our students, in teaching and learning, and in all aspects of administering the College.

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We welcome and include diverse people and perspectives, collaborating together in mutual respect and dignity.

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We are forward thinking and open to new ideas, approaches, and technologies.

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We act in the interests of our students, with honesty and transparency, and are responsible stewards of public resources.


While all outcomes in the plan are important, the thematic priority is an area of particular focus for the first two years: as we advance the goals set out in this plan, we will place the success of our students at the centre of all our decisions and move forward with respect for the Indigenous communities we serve.