Our desiredfuture states story

It is a sunny day in June of 2025 as I walk towards Langara’s Convocation, and I can hardly believe I am actually here – my graduation day. When I started at Langara a few years ago, I wasn’t sure what I was doing and if I would make it to grad. I definitely experienced some challenges along the way but appreciate all the help Langara provided me. It felt really good to be in a position this past year to give back and help others by volunteering through VOLT.

As I enter the gowning room, I see so many smiling faces – friends and classmates, as excited as I am. I never expected I would meet so many different kinds of people at college, but it enriched my experience at Langara. As different as we all were from each other, with the culture at Langara, I always felt like I could just be myself. Before Langara I didn’t know much about the culture of the local Coast Salish peoples, but having the opportunity to experience aspects of Musqueam culture on campus has helped me to better understand.

As I line up with my classmates to walk into convocation hall, I can’t help but reflect on everything I learned these past few years. My instructors were so knowledgeable and supportive. I accomplished things I didn’t think I could. I was able to get the classes I needed, and the curriculum was really practical and relevant. I feel confident and excited to start third-year university now.

I am waiting now by the side of the stage for the dean to call my name. I look out to the audience to see if I can spot any familiar faces in the crowd and nearly miss my name being called. It’s finally time. I cross the stage, accept my diploma, have my photo with the President, and get a hug from my favourite instructor, who is waiting for me at the far side of the stage. My friends, family, and instructors cheer me on, and my Dad embarrasses me by yelling my name too loudly. A bittersweet moment to cap off my Langara experience.

I actually feel kind of sad to think I won’t be on campus anymore. The new A Building looks like it will be amazing when it is complete. But I am going to stay connected to the College. I will be back. I guess it is true what they say – once a student, always a Langaran.

Convocation photo Convocation photo Convocation photo