Jun 14, 2019

Important notice: Logins to Office 365 with old domain accounts are expiring on August 15, 2019

As you may recall, Langara migrated our Microsoft Office 365 services from the United States to a Canadian-based tenant in 2017 to comply with new privacy laws. When this change took place, everyone using Office 365 was instructed to use the new system and log in with the new domain (langara.ca).

However, there is a small population of users (employees and students) who are still accessing their old accounts and logging into our abandoned US-based Office 365 services. Those legacy accounts will be deactivated on August 15, 2019.

Does this affect me?

This notice applies to those who are logging into Office 365 services with the suffix .langara.bc.ca (instead of langara.ca). We will be deactivating these accounts on August 15, 2019.

If you have installed Home Use versions of Microsoft Office (i.e.: Word, Excel, etc.), and activated the license using the old domains (langara.bc.ca and mylangara.bc.ca), you will lose access to the software. You can re-activate and continue to use the software using your langara.ca computer account.

How do I backup my data?

If you have data stored on our old domain, please back up any data in your email, OneDrive, SharePoint, or other data associated with that account. You can download your data and upload it to another service. For more information on how to export data, visit Microsoft’s Outlook help centre.

Does this affect students too?

Yes, this affects students as well. We are working on moving student emails from this mylangara.bc.ca to mylangara.ca this fall. We will be sharing more updates about this in the upcoming weeks.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

Information Technology

Coming soon: We're moving student emails to O365 this fall. As a part of this transition, email addresses will change from mylangara.bc.ca to mylangara.ca. Please stay tuned for more information.