Our Approach

Our Approach

Your needs are unique, so is our approach. At Langara College Custom and Corporate Training, we collaborate with you to design training solutions that will match you needs and budget.

Our five-step process:

  • Learn about you and your business – Conduct a thorough pre-training skills and needs analysis to identify key learning and business outcomes.
  • Collaborate and develop – Design a training plan based on your organization’s needs, stated business goals, and budget. You will have a voice in the development of the training.
  • Fine-tune curriculum – Customized curriculum that takes into account your employees’ learning style and knowledge levels to maximize learning success.
  • Training delivery – Our knowledgeable instructors will bring the curriculum to life with real-world experience, expertise, insight, and inspiration.
  • Evaluate and feedback – Providing post-training evaluation to measure your return on investment.

Let us provide you with high-quality, timely, up-to-date skills training that you need to grow your business.

Contact customtraining@langara.ca for more information.