Nov 13, 2019

Jingzhu Wu


Jingzhu is a language enthusiast. As a Chinese instructor, her teaching philosophy is to make language applicable. She believes that any language comes to life when it intertwines with the culture. Drawn to the comprehensive style of teaching, Jingzhu became a Chinese instructor at Langara College 12 years ago.

Langara’s Chinese language program stands out to Jingzhu as it welcomes all learners of the Chinese language. “Some Chinese programs only teach simplified Chinese, while others only teach traditional Chinese. At the Mandarin program at Langara, students are given the option to choose from all versions of written Chinese. This inclusive feature puts the Mandarin program at Langara College above all others.”

She loves teaching first-year students. She is proud to see their progress, from learning their first words to fluently conversing in Chinese. She’s especially proud when native Chinese speakers are able to understand her students, or when they pick up a conversation in Chinese at their workplace. Her classes are attended by a diverse group, but usually half of her students already speak Cantonese.  

For Jingzhu, learning Chinese in Vancouver is a unique opportunity for students as they can easily practice and perfect their skills. “Vancouver, being a city with so many native Chinese speakers, provides the ideal setting for students to practice their learning beyond the classroom.”

Jingzhu graduated with a major in Chinese language and literature at the Shanghai Normal University, and later completed a master’s degree in Asian Studies at the University of Oregon. She started teaching Chinese while completing her graduate studies and was hired as an assistant professor at Pacific University in Oregon.

In her spare time, Jingzhu likes to be outdoors, either gardening or hiking. She loves living in Vancouver as she can immediately return to city life after spending several hours with nature. She also enjoys exploring new restaurants with her family.

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