Apr 12, 2016

Maggie Stewart’s love for volunteerism stemmed from her love of the natural world. As coordinator of the Langara student volunteer program, VOLT, she is passionate about getting students involved in the community. This passion recently led her to enroll in the Volunteer Coordinator certificate program.

Although she has worked with volunteers since 2010, the Volunteer Coordinator certificate program has provided Maggie with valuable strategic insights on the recruitment, retention, and recognition of volunteers. The education compliments her work portfolio, giving her confidence and practical skills to manage volunteers and it fuels her passion for volunteerism and community engagement.  

“Often volunteer managers don’t have access to education programs related to their field. This course is perfect for those who work with or would like to work with volunteers as it provides a solid foundation for coordinators to build on.”

She notes that her instructors, who are also professional volunteer coordinators themselves, have a wealth of knowledge and encourage collaboration to promote idea sharing amongst students. That atmosphere allows fellow coordinators to learn from each other, understand best practices, and improve their strategies. She hopes that this open dialogue will result in an increase in volunteerism and growth in industries that don’t necessarily use volunteers.

“Volunteers are traditionally known as non-profit resources, with health care, environmental, and social service sectors using volunteers in many roles. As our understanding of volunteers develops, I think we’ll see them being used more and more in other sectors. The possibilities and opportunities are endless. For now, I’m proud to share my experience and hope I can inspire students to give back to their community.” 

Registration for the Volunteer Coordinator Certificate program is now open with two courses available in the upcoming summer term. Visit the website for more information

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Eleanor Clarke

CS Program Coordinator