Apr 13, 2015

Vancouver, B.C. – Langara College Continuing Studies is pleased to launch the Sustainable Urban Beekeeping Certificate Program this summer. The program will teach best practices to beginners, reinvigorate experienced beekeepers, and offer opportunities to take hive management and practices to higher levels.

“The Continuing Studies division of Langara College has a long history of offering community oriented programming, especially in the sustainable development field. This summer our new beekeeping certificate will add to that proud tradition," said Daniel Thorpe, Dean of Continuing Studies. "Focussed on sustainable practices and the role of bees in the whole ecosystem, this will be a valuable as well as timely addition to our Sustainable Communities program.”

The sustainable beekeeping program emphasizes hands-on practice working with bees, rather than in-class instruction. The program includes over 12 hours of field experience, and five of the six courses have practical components. Although the bulk of the 36-hour program is on honeybees, the program also includes information about other bees and pollinators and the vital role that pollinators play in our ecosystem.

"Bees need our help more than ever, this certificate program is designed to address the needs of pollinators and how we can best look after them in our urban environment,” said program instructor Brian Campbell, founder of Blessed Bee Apiary. “Bees provide so much: honey, pollen, propolis, apitherapy, and through pollination, one out of every three bites we eat. The challenges of creating a sustainable beekeeping practice demand a knowledge-based management system and not one dependent on chemical controls."

Last May, Langara College installed two new honeybee colonies on campus. Apiaries have been established at locations around the city, including Vancouver City Hall, the University of British Columbia, Science World, and the VanDusen Botanical Garden. In recent years, Vancouver, Richmond, North Vancouver, Burnaby, and Delta have all changed their bylaws to allow beekeeping as it has gained in popularity in the region.

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