Mar 7, 2012

Photograph by Scott Prince and Michael Hall

This advertisement, shot by Scott Prince and Michael Hall, featured on the cover of Lürzer’s Archive magazine.

Vancouver, BC, March 7, 2011 – An advertisement featuring a photo shot by Continuing Studies students at Langara College has been recognized by top marketing agency DDB.

Scott Prince and Michael Hall, students in Langara’s Continuing Studies Photography program, shot this image as part of an ad campaign for the British Columbia Paintball Association. The students worked with top advertising agency DDB Canada on the project and the whimsical picture was featured on the cover of the German advertising magazine Lürzer’s Archive in December.  

Now Michael and Scott, along with fellow Continuing Studies Photography studnets Matt Beckett, John Muirhead, William Ting, and Catherine McLaren, were named in DDB's blog this week in recognition of their work on the campaign.

The project was also recognized at December's Lotus Awards – the largest awards show in Western Canada for the advertising and design industries.


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Annie Mullins
Communications Officer
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