The application process for entry into the Acting Program (for Fall 2022 or Spring 2023) and Production Program (Spring 2023) is now open! Apply here by April 21, 2022. 


Applications for entry into the Production Program for Spring 2022 are still being considered for January intake. Contact us at to find out more about that process & schedule an interview.

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Apply to the Theatre Arts At Studio 58 program at Langara

  • First, if possible, attend an Information Session  
  • Confirm that you have met all of the Admission Requirements
  • Proceed by applying to Langara, which includes an application fee of $40 
  • You will receive an email from Langara Admissions with your myLangara account information. Log into mylangara and click on your Student Information System account, then click on "Checklist" in order to track your application status

Auditions and Interviews

  • Audition Packages, including a schedule and selection of monologues to choose from, will be emailed out beginning in late February 
  • Auditions are conducted in April (there is only one round)
  • For more information on auditioning, see The Audition 
  • Production program applicants are also required to undertake an interview and complete a project 
  • All applicants will be notified of the final results by June 
  • We regret that we cannot send each applicant an evaluation of their audition process

Becoming a Student at Langara

  • Review the Langara College/Career Studies page for more details on Becoming a Student 
  • Enrolled students in the Studio 58 program are recommended to be financially prepared. Working at a job while doing the program is difficult due to the time demands 
  • For information regarding cost of tuition and other fees, please see the Cost of Study Tool
  • Questions? Please email 


  • The application process for the Acting & Production Programs is now open 
  • April 21, 2022 application deadline 
  • April/May 2022 auditions for applicants (one round only)
  • June 2022 all applicants to hear about the outcome of their applications 
  • September 2022 intake for Acting Program Cohort 1
  • January 2023 intake for Acting Program Cohort 2 + intake for Production Program