The cast of A Chorus Line; Photo by Emily Cooper

What makes Studio 58's Acting Program unique: 

  • Small group sizes & individualized training, so that faculty can continuously observe and assess student progress while lending crucial support and attention

  • You will be taught by some of the top theatre artists in Canada and exposed to some of the best directors in the industry 

  • Prepare to join the industry by gaining hands-on, practical experience in all aspects on stage and behind the scenes 

  • Over 90% of our graduates find professional work in the theatre or the related arts within six months of graduating

The Acting Program at Studio 58 is a three year, full-time course for those who want a career as a professional actor in theatre and film/TV. Students dive into the fundamentals of acting for three terms, taught by specialists in all areas: Scene Study, Improvisation, Modern and Classical Text, Voice, Speech, Choir, Singing, Physical Theatre, Movement, Tap Dance, Writing and Theatre Fundamentals.

We teach you how to:

  • Develop your character vocally and physically
  • Understand your script and your director
  • Communicate effectively as an actor
  • Develop your voice and body as tools of expression
  • Expand your range as an actor
  • Audition for film, television and theatre
  • Perform for film and television as well as on stage
  • Create and write your own theatrical work 
  • Market yourself as a theatre artist

The schedule: 

Students in the first three terms support the productions through crew work (costume & set construction, hanging lights, sourcing props, painting, etc.) that tends to fill up their schedules. By maintaining a close relationship with each production, students gain considerable familiarity and ease with all elements of the theatre and often find marketable new skills as a result.

In the final three terms, students focus on practical on-stage experience in rehearsals and public performance. We present four fully-produced plays per year, which run for two to three weeks, as well as two indie-style projects.

Within the vibrant theatre community of Vancouver, there are sometimes opportunities for our senior students while still in school. These students will get a chance to work as actors in professional productions as part of a practicum. 

Studio 58 operates on an intensive, conservatory-style schedule. An average day begins at 8:30 AM and winds down around 10:00 PM. The daily routine is filled with classes, crew calls, rehearsals and the evening performances of our public shows. Rehearsals, crew calls and performances take place on the weekends. 

To learn more about the Acting Program please attend an Information Session or email us at