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The Solo Show projects are a celebrated Studio 58 end-of-term graduating tradition. Students are mentored by artist and instructor David Bloom over the course of a year and a half in creating their own one-person shows. These self-written, self-directed and self-performed solo works each feature a graduate.

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Langara College in room A010 (lower level of the A Building)

Monday, December 12, 2022 at 2 PM (Group A) 
Monday, December 12, 2022 at 7 PM (Group A) 
Tuesday, December 13, 2022 at 2 PM (Group B) 
Tuesday, December 13, 2022 at 7 PM (Group B) 

Our box office will open one hour prior to showtime.

For more details on each graduate and their show, please refer to our dropdown menus below. 

Group A
Kevin Nguyen
Adam Weaver

Jason Su
Emma Rose Gold
Samantha Levy

Group B
Sarah Conway
Yiorgos Moutafis
Rhys Davies
Shaye Steele
Rachel E. Ross

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Meet the Fall 2022 Graduates

BO$$ NGUYEN Kevin Nguyen (he/him) | Acting Graduate

Kevin_Nguyen_Shows.jpgHe raps. It slaps. You claps. 

A warm thank you to my fellow students along with the wonderfully insightful faculty and staff of Studio 58.  

Content advisories: profanity, mentions of violence, mentions of abuse, self-harm, suicide

Basebald Adam Weaver (he/him) | Acting Graduate

Adam_Weaver_Shows.jpgOne man. One receding hairline. One fastball to preserve his youth while he still has it.

The Extraordinary Flight of a Lost Cause Jason Su (he/him) | Production Graduate

Jason_Su_Shows.jpegThe Extraordinary Flight of a Lost Cause is a celebration of hope, love, separation and everything in between. This is dedicated to all of those who feel small in a big world. 

A heartfelt thank you to everyone that I have met through this little journey of mine. Thank you for your love, passion and for all the strengths you have given to me. ❤️ 

Content advisories: coarse language, mature themes, phonophobia, death, anxiety, dysphoria 

The Whispering Underground Emma Rose Gold (she/her) | Acting Graduate

Emma_Rose_Gold_Shows.jpgDoes truth really exist? Beadle has fallen into the Underground, an unknown forbidden landscape. He is searching for Fuggle, his best friend who mysteriously disappeared. All signs have ledBeadle down belowwhere, surrounded by echoes and whispers, he meets a strangeand suspiciouscreature.

Special thanks to David Bloom, Stephanie Elgersma, Joel Garner, Mara Gottler, and Jess Jandera for your support and guidance through this journey. To my parents and brother, thank you for always assisting me in my insanity. Last but certainly not least, thanks to my original A term class. It has been a joy to work and grow with you. 

Content advisories: death, allusions tosuicide 

Wrecked Samantha Levy (she/her) | Acting Graduate

Samantha_Levy.jpgA young woman washes up on an abandoned beach. As she fights to figure out how she got there, she dives deeper and deeper into herself. Blending cruel reality with escapist fantasy, Wrecked muses on loss, love, and the questions we cannot answer. 

Many thanks to our amazing student crew, the Studio 58 faculty and staff, Caroline Nowacki for her help with sound design, and Charlie Beaver for his love and lighting skills. Thank you to my dad Michael, my mum Gloria, and my brother Jake for their love. 

Content advisories: grief, loss 

Tell Me I’m Pretty Laugh at My Jokes Sarah Conway (she/her) | Acting Graduate

Sarah_Conway_Shows-2.jpgSarah Conway would like you to tell her shes pretty and laugh at her jokes. Send her an email and tell her she is pretty,

I don’t know what it is yet Yiorgos Moutafis (no pronoun preference) | Acting Graduate

Yiorgos_Sahamis_Shows.jpgSomething is missing, I know that, but what is the “something” I'm missing? I don't know, it's weird: wanna help me find it? 

Thank you, Kahlila, Jason, Michelle and E.R. for your input and work on this piece. This piece is what it is in large part due to your contributions and input, thank you. Thank you to Yana, Ethan, Ranch, our running crew and FOH for volunteering your time to help put this production together. Your generosity doesn't go unnoticed, thank you. Lastly, thank you to Ruth, Kevin and Courtenay for all the work you did to help organize and transform A010 into a Blackbox, as well as for all the logistics and running around you do for us. Your generosity doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you. I love you all. 

Content advisory: strobe lighting

42?! Rhys Davies (he/him) | Acting Graduate

Rhys_Davies.jpgDive into the world of fascinating ideas made fun. By relating metaphysics, thermodynamics, and superstring theory, we discover the art hidden within science. Only after exploring the absurdity of it all, can we begin to ask why it matters. 

Thank you to the student crew, faculty, and Marianna, who was lovingly forced to listen to, and critique, my every solo show idea. 

Lunar Relations: A Variety Show in Three Parts Shaye Steele (she/her) | Acting Graduate

Shaye_Steele_Show.jpgDrawing inspiration from the style of a silent film, Shaye Steele’s variety show has three parts, all centred around longing and the moon. Give in to the moody, ethereal and cheeky atmosphere that is the world of Lunar Relations.  

I would like to thank Will Hannan for his love, support, and musical help, Khalila Ball and Cassidy Hergott for lending me their spectacular movement skills, and Sarah Conway for being a constant soundboard and friend I can bounce ideas off.  

Content advisory: partial nudity 

403 Rachel E. Ross (they/them) | Production Graduate

Rachel_Ross.jpgWelcome to the unofficial funeral for the two-year Production Program (shout out to Jason). A performance of 12 Morceaux, Op. 40: No. 3, Marche funèbre” by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, brought to life with lights. 

Thank you Ruth Bruhn, Kevin MacDonald, Daniel Dolan, Yvan Morisette, Mara Gottler, and many more Studio 58 faculty for your guidance and mentorship. Thank you Alan Brodie, Keagan Elrick, Brad Trenaman, and Itai Erdal for inspiring me and teaching me about light. Thank you Angela Cavar for teaching me to play the piano and my parents for supporting my musical education. Thank you thank you thank you!