Empowering tomorrow's nurses

Empowering tomorrow's nurses


The Faculty of Nursing kicks off ambitious campaign  

The nursing program at Langara is intense. Nine back-to-back semesters with little to no time to work a part-time job. That’s why the Langara College Foundation and Faculty of Nursing are kicking off a campaign to coincide with Canadian National Nursing Week (May 6-12th). The campaign will run throughout May and aims to create more financial support for nursing students and replace much needed equipment.

Langara College Faculty of Nursing program is one of the most well-known and competitive programs in the province. Demand for financial aid is growing as the rising costs of living and caps on financial aid allocations to students continue.To access more resources, we need your help.

How you can help  

Donors make a critical difference to BC’s future nurses by offering support in two different ways:

STUDENT SUPPORT ($15,000 over three years establishes a named award)

The BSN program has a total cost of $45,000. Because the program is full-time and runs continuously over 9 semesters, Langara’s student nurses don’t have the same opportunity as other students to work to pay their tuition. Establishing an award or supporting an existing scholarship fund for nursing students is one way for donors to help future nurses start and finish their degree with reduced financial strain and increased focus on their career

EQUIPMENT ($300,000)

Nurses today must master critical thinking and problem-solving with cutting-edge equipment, like $125,000 medium- to high-fidelity mannequins that simulate various health issues. Infant mannequins can cost up to $150,000. Additionally, the Nursing Simulation Centre, with 30 beds, requires continuous stocking of supplies ranging from dressings to costly intravenous pumps. Donors support Langara's nurses by funding the purchase, training, and maintenance of advanced technologies and everyday supplies, ensuring realistic training opportunities for patient care.

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Help support nurses and invest in the future of our healthcare system. Please give now.

The process of learning to be a nurse is intense, challenging, and time consuming. Many students, who will become wonderful nurses, do not have the time and energy to work during school. Bursaries can have a profound and influential effect for a student providing them with financial support when it is most needed,” says Dr. Wanda Pierson, division chair in the Faculty of Nursing.