Support a future nurse

Support a future nurse

The Future of Healthcare

In the last two years, our healthcare system has battled through COVID-19, with high numbers of ICU patients, fatalities and non-stop movement. The toll of the pandemic has led to burnout, vacancies and frequent absences because of infection rates. Many of those affected were frontline workers, including nurses.

The pandemic is still causing havoc on our healthcare system and it highlighted the importance of nurses and what they do for their patients. Right now, our health system needs more nurses urgently. 

Our nursing program is one of the most well-known and competitive programs in the province. The Faculty of Nursing has received a seven-year recognition from the British Columbia College of Nursing and Midwives. This is the longest recognition awarded by the provincial regulatory body.

For me, being a nurse is about caring for people in their most vulnerable times to make a difference in their health journey. I think nurses do this in many ways through their ability to be compassionate, provide education, and advocate for clients, all while keeping an optimistic attitude. As a nursing student, I try to be the best version of myself when in practice so that I can be like the nurses who have made a difference in my health experiences and learning. I am grateful to all the exceptional nurses out there and because of them I am excited for my journey in nursing! – Lauren, Langara Nursing Student

While in these programs, faculty and students have several opportunities to learn including through conferences. But our nursing students need more support. As the world begins to move out of a pandemic, our nursing students will need more resources to face the challenges that will be coming, including mental health, wellness and more. 

To access more resources, we need your help. Help us by investing in the future of our healthcare system. Your impact will provide students will access to scholarships and bursaries which will help with tuition fees, supplies and mentorship opportunities.  

Help support nurses and invest in the future of our healthcare system. Donate now.