Balance System of Acupuncture

  • Improve your clinical outcomes with higher efficiency and more consistent, quicker results. 
  • Discover an effective, logical system for the application of acupuncture and a community of like-minded colleagues to grow your knowledge in this revolutionary practice. 
  • A unique offering, taught by Dr. Sonia F. Tan, DAOM, R.Ac., R.TCM.P., a second generation Chinese Metaphysician, who has followed in the footsteps of her Grandfather, the late Woon-Yew Tan. She is a direct and first graduating class disciple, of the late Grandmaster Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan.
  • Be a part of an authentic lineage and discover the benefits of practicing this original way of healthcare.  

Who can participate in this training?

Medical doctors, Naturopaths, doctors of TCM, and Registered Licensed Acupuncturists

Why study Balance System Acupuncture at Langara College?

  • Learn from, and be inspired by, a dynamic, engaging, credible team of instructors. 
  • Langara College is the only Public Post-Secondary Institution offering this training and providing a recognized credential in this highly specialized area of acupuncture. 
  • Flexible schedule, suitable to practitioners, with program offered over 10 months, one weekend/month. Most courses may be taken online.. 
  • Professional CEU eligibility.

Program Details

Based on a long lineage of ancient, authentic teachings participants will find this program’s applications an important addition to their practice. The Balance System Acupuncture, expands on The Channel Theory, exploring practices to effectively deliver more immediate, lasting results.