Jan 1, 2024


We had the chance to catch up with Joysea Yagnik, a recent nursing graduate. She talked to us about her journey after Langara and what her experience was while being a student.

Joysea graduated five months ago as an international student, completing a 2-year nursing program. But her time as a Langaran was different than she imagined it would be because of one thing: COVID-19.

She was one of many students who started their program during COVID-19 meaning she studied two terms online and was only on-campus for one semester and her last semester was her practicums, which were off campus. Despite the challenges that COVID-19 presented, Joysea knew that her passion was in nursing and her hard work led to her being on the Dean’s Honour for three semesters in a row. When we asked her why she was passionate about nursing, she said she wanted a degree that can help bring the Indian culture of nursing and found that the program overview of the courses at Langara were the most effective for nursing and saw that it bridged the gap between different cultures and how support and celebrate diversity.

When she was researching where to apply, all other nursing programs seemed to be like a business instead of a place of teaching.

“For me, when I read through what the Nursing Program offered, it was clear to me. Langara truly offers authentic programming, and supported diversity, which was important to me, being an international student,” Joysea said.

During her stay in Langara, she is extremely grateful for the support that she received from the Nursing instructors, management, International Student Coordinator and everyone at Langara who helped her even a bit.

She recently received her Certified Nursing License at the beginning of the year and immediately was offered a job. She is currently working at Louis Brier, where she is working in an environment offering managerial nursing with a sense of autonomy.

Joysea, you are amazing. Thanks for sitting down with us!

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