Oct 29, 2020

Alumni Profile:                            Olimpia Cuesta

Program of study:                       BBA in Marketing Management, Co-op Marketing Diploma, and Latin American Studies

Year Graduated:                         Will be graduating in 2021

# of VOLT volunteer hours:        500+ hours

Message from Olimpia: The volunteers you meet today will be your forever friends tomorrow.

Where are they now?: I am taking four courses this semester; am a student marker for a marketing course at Langara; and I volunteer as an E-Team leader. My team and I have created volunteer training sessions for new and returning GO Team volunteers to prepare them for this new virtual environment.

How does it feel to know that you have made a significant impact on the community? It feels amazing, yet so unreal! I am beyond ecstatic that I have been and continue to be a contributing member of the Langara Community.

How did your participation in the VOLT program impact you? I'm thankful for the opportunities, friends, memories and accomplishments VOLT has given me, and I'm proud to be a recognized VOLT member. Looking back, every step has been an unbelievably fun and unforgettable journey.

What is your fondest VOLT memory? I would have to say my first volunteer shift and earliest memory of VOLT way back in 2014. I had registered as a GO Team volunteer for New Student Orientation, being a new student myself. I remember feeling nervous because I did not know anyone. Volunteers were instructed to meet at the think tank in the Co-op & Career Development Centre. When I entered, there was this huge Jenga in the middle and a bunch of games in the room for the event. I remember having such a great time and lots of laughs with the volunteers, even before the event started. It was such a fun day I knew I wanted another one just like it, which is why I still volunteer to this day.

What key skills did you gain/learn from VOLT? I have gained active listening skills, fine-tuning my public speaking skills, knowing how to connect with other people and appreciation for their culture, learning how to coordinate and plan events, learned how to organize volunteers, and just having more self-confidence in what I do.

Why did you choose to participate in the VOLT program? At first, it was just something to add to my resume. Then, once I started volunteering and getting to know more people, I started to feel more than just a student.

How did VOLT help you get your start? It has continuously taught me how to be a thoughtful and compassionate leader in everything I do. It has created networking opportunities with incredible people, both students and faculty. I've been able to apply what I learned in volunteering in my academics, such as creative team-building, problem-solving, trying new things, and celebrating the small wins.

What message do you have for future VOLT members? VOLT will be a highlight in your journey at Langara. The volunteers you meet today will be your forever friends tomorrow. Oh, and the orange will grow on you.