Oct 29, 2020

Alumni Profile:                            Felipe Moreira

Program of study:                       Post Degree Diploma Program in Business Administration

Year Graduated:                         Summer 2019

# of VOLT volunteer hours:        200 hours

Message from Felipe: Say “YES” to opportunities

Where are they now?After completing the PDD in Business, I enrolled in the Advanced Project Management Program in Continuing Studies. I now work as an International Student Coordinator for the PDD Programs in the Langara School of Management. I am passionate about the service work I do for the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, now as a Mentor Liaison in the Leaders of Tomorrow Program. I began three years ago as a Mentee and Chair of the Campus Connections Committee.

How does it feel to know that you have made a significant impact on the community? It is a great honour! I feel such a sense of accomplishment; mostly for being a part of a meaningful, virtuous circle of students. As a newcomer, I received so much support. I was introduced to so many inspiring people and was presented with so many amazing opportunities. The ability to give back and to contribute by helping to influence and inspire others has provided me with the utmost feelings of reward.

How did your participation in the VOLT program impact you? I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be part of the VOLT program as it has provided me with amazing opportunities. As an International student, the program provided me with many skills and connections that are important in the transition to Canadian life and culture.

What is your fondest VOLT memory? Every volunteering experience in VOLT has had an impact in my life. My fondest VOLT memory was when I had the opportunity to be the MC for the New Student Orientation. This experience without a doubt got me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to develop several competencies, and opened doors for me, career-wise. 

What key skills did you gain/learn from VOLT? The list is huge! The highlight is the development of my leadership, communication and teamwork skills. However, I feel that my intercultural awareness, empathy and passion for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion were the areas I learned the most.

Why did you choose to participate in the VOLT program? The service work of a volunteer in my home country of Brazil has a different connotation than here in Canada. I am thankful that I learned at a very early stage the importance of giving back to the community and the significance to participate in extra-curricular activities would be. It helped shape my character and develop my career path.

How did VOLT help you get your start? As soon as I signed up for VOLT I received an invitation to be a part of the GO TEAM training to prepare for the New Student Orientation. The Office for Student Engagement provided VOLT members with resources, tools and infrastructure to reach our full potential. Saying “YES” to volunteer opportunities helped me to get my start. 

What message do you have for future VOLT members? I learned through the VOLT program that the model of Student Success goes way beyond the classroom and academic performance. Although grades are an important aspect of your education, the impact you make on the community and relationship is directly linked to your success, and they are fundamental to your overall college experience. By becoming a VOLT member, you will be surrounded by the most talented and amazing group of people. The experience not only helped me to establish meaningful connections but also helped me to become a much more mature and complete individual.