What are the Outstanding Alumni Awards?
The Outstanding Alumni Awards (OAA) is Langara's way of celebrating the amazing contribution made by our alumni in their profession, at Langara, and to society-at-large. Each fall, we gather together as a community to honour our best and brightest and celebrate the impact they have had on our world.

Who's eligible to be nominated?
All Langara alumni are eligible for consideration. 

What are the criteria for being considered?
The ideal OAA candidate will be someone who has distinguished themselves in their professions, made significant contributions to society-at-large, and/or been a tireless champion for Langara in the community.

I know someone outstanding. Can I put them forward for consideration?
Yes, of course. We'd love your input. Send us their name, contact info, and why you think they're outstanding to the OAA Nomination Advisory Group.

What's the nomination deadline?
Nominations may be submitted at anytime during the year. All names put forward will be entered in to a bank for consideration moving forward.

What's the nomination process?
Each year the OAA Nomination Advisory Group will meet to evaluate the names received so far and identify possible nominees based on the candidate's professional, personal, and community contributions/impact. You'll be contacted for additional information if your candidate has been shortlisted for consideration.

Where can I get more information?
For more information, contact Alumni Relations, Langara College Foundation at alumni@langara.ca or 604.323.5674