Dean Tsatouhas is a graduate of the bachelor's in business administration program and is currently a marketing manager at Sandman & Sutton Place Hotels. He’s worked for different types of companies from a small startup to a large multinational agency, and working in these different environments has given Dean the experience he needs to be successful in his current role. Recently, Dean shared his experience with students and alumni and left them with some advice.


Take advantage of opportunities at the College and get a variety of experiences before graduation. I was the student representative on the Langara College Board of Governors, participated in student clubs, represented the College in business case competitions, and had three different co-op work placements. My career strategy after graduating was to continue getting different experiences within marketing by working for a mix of in-house brands and agencies. This combination gave me the skills and perspective that I needed to succeed.

Think about networking as building meaningful relationships. When I go to a networking event, I am more interested in meeting one or two people and having good conversations with them, than trying to meet as many people as I can. Networking is so important because a wide circle of people you know and trust will give you access to resources and opportunities that may not be otherwise available to you.

Be proactive when searching for opportunities.

Dean Tsatouhas, alum

I also want to emphasize how important my network has been in my career. Every job I've ever had has been because of my network. I got my internships because of connections I made through school clubs and events, and every time I've moved to another company or agency, it's because someone in my network has referred me or recommended me for the job before it was public.

My biggest piece of advice to alumni is to be proactive when searching for opportunities. My strategy at Langara was to meet as many industry professionals as I could through all the extracurricular activities I was doing. My first co-op placements and first full-time job came through the connections I made through clubs and events at the College. Prioritize what you're doing outside of the classroom and be active in extracurricular activities and be proactive when searching for the opportunities you want for your career.