Christine Woodington graduated in 2008 from the College’s bachelor’s in business administration in accounting. She’s currently a corporate accountant at Coal Island Ltd and an alum that recently volunteered and shared her story with the community.


When Christine graduated, she knew that one of her career goals was to get her accounting designation and move into a senior role within an organization. She is now at a point in her career where she has a fulfilling career where the company that work at supports and provides the flexibility, she needed to enhance her skills, take on more challenges, and be available to her child.

To get to where she is now, she had to hone in both her long-term and short-term goals. Here are some of her advice and tips that helped her. 

My job application strategy was to always have a targeted cover letter. I would take skills that would directly match the skills listed in the job description, and line them up side by side and say you are looking for these, and these are the skills I have so there was no arguing that I would make a great fit for the company.

Networking is getting to know the people around you, what they do but also how they can better enhance your life and vice versa."

Christine Woodington , alum

Be prepared to show how your weakness is your greatest strength. This will also be beneficial for your own professional growth.

One of the most important lessons that I learned on my journey was to ease the pressure off yourself during the interview. Remember the interview isn't just about getting to know you. Keep in mind you are interviewing them too. Listen for clues about the culture. Whether you are being interviewed by your potential supervisor or a different person, ask yourself, what are the vibes you are getting them? Do the company values fit with your moral compass and align with your personal values? An interview is a conversation so take the opportunity to ask questions!