First Things First

  • Prepare for registration

    Create a timetable, check prerequisites, and get ready for registration.

    Before you register »

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  • Register for classes

    Everything you need to know from searching for courses to getting on waitlists.

    Registration guide »

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  • Pay your fees

    Ensure you pay all your fees and are aware of all the necessary payment deadlines.

    Payment information »

  • Plan your budget

    School can be expensive, visit the Financial Aid and Awards office to help you become financially savvy and get information on student loans, grants, bursaries, scholarships, awards, and other funding.

    Financial Aid and Awards »

  • Note the important dates

    Fee payment deadlines, class withdrawal deadlines, final exam period, etc.

    Important dates »


Before you start classes

  • Stay Up To Date

    Prepare for a safe return to school by checking out our Health and Safety Updates.

    Health & Safety Updates »

  • Activate your Computer User ID

    Activate your Computer User ID in the Student Information System - you need it for WiFi, printing, and other campus services.

    Computer User ID »

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  • Find out how to connect to WiFi

    Read these instructions on how to get on the WiFi network. This is important if you need to use computer labs or printers on campus.

    WiFi instructions »

  • Follow Langara on social media

    Giveaways, contests, reminders, and other good stuff you don't want to miss.

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  • Learn about your medical and dental insurance

    Your health plan is coordinated by the Langara Students' Union. If you need to opt out, do it early. »

  • Learn how to use the printers

    Get all the information you need to print, copy, and scan.

    Student printer instructions »

  • Register for the Langara Student Success Course

    The Langara Student Success Course (LSSC) prepares you for academic life at Langara and introduces you to key academic supports available on campus.

    Langara Student Success Course »

  • Access virtual academic and online learning support

    Get help with academic and online learning questions, discuss strategies and resources for preparing for and taking exams online, and more.

    Access Virtual Learning Support »

  • Buy your textbooks

    To order textbooks online, visit the Find my Textbooks tool within the Student Information System.

    Student Information System »

  • Get your Student ID

    Your Student ID proves you are a Langara student and gives you access to U-Pass, printing, Library media, and more.

    AskIT Portal »