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  • Pro-Tip #17

    Printing, photocopying and scanning

    Load up your printing account at the Library and use it to print, photocopy, and scan around campus.

    B/W: $0.10/page or $0.15 double-sided

    Colour: $0.30/page or $0.45 double-sided

  • Pro-Tip #16


    Get your coffee at Tim Hortons in the Cafeteria of A Building, Lollipop Moment in the LSU, or Starbucks in the Library.

  • Pro-Tip #15

    Bank Machine

    There is one ATM on campus. It is located across from the Info kiosk in the main foyer.

  • Pro-Tip #14


    There are lockers at the Gym and the LSU that can be rented by semester. The Gym also offers towel services.

  • Pro-Tip #13

    Bike Parking

    Bike racks are all over campus. Secured, covered bike parking is in the Library's parkade. Free bike repair shop in the LSU!

  • Pro-Tip #12


    The parkade is under the Library. Watch out for 'Resident Only' parking in the neighbourhood - cars will get ticketed and towed.

  • Pro-Tip #11

    Free Charging Station

    Need a charge? We’ve got you. There are free charging stations in the Bookstore, Library, The Hub, and the Co-op & Career Development Centre.

  • Pro-Tip #10

    Lost & Found

    The Lost and Found is located at the front desk of Registrar and Enrolment Services in the Science and Technology Building. Unclaimed items are held for one year only.

  • Pro-Tip #9

    Health & Dental Plan

    Most full-time students are automatically enrolled in the LSU’s Health & Dental Plan. Want to opt out? Do it before the deadline (

  • Pro-Tip #8


    We have free career, personal, and academic counselling. Drop by the Counselling Office in B111 or call to make an appointment.

  • Pro-Tip #7


    Have textbooks you don't need anymore? Sell them back for cash during BuyBack before or after each semester.

  • Pro-Tip #6


    Avoid line-ups! Order your books online and choose the pickup/delivery service. We price-match

  • Pro-Tip #5

    Financial Aid and Awards

    For help planning your finances, creating a budget, or for information on student loans, grants, bursaries, scholarships, awards, and other funding, please contact the Financial Aid and Awards Office.

  • Pro-Tip #4


    Link your U-Pass to your Compass card every month. Request activation for the following month as early as the 16th.

  • Pro-Tip #3

    Student ID Card

    A temporary booth is set up in the LSU in the first two weeks of the semester. Avoid lines by going early or later in the day.

  • Pro-Tip #2


    Step 1: Select wireless network Langara

    Step 2: Open browser and go to

    Step 3: Enter Computer User ID and Password

    Step 4: Go to again

    Step 5: Follow instructions to connect to eduroam/eduroam5Ghz

    * Activate your Computer User ID before connecting to WiFi

  • Pro-Tip #1

    Computer ID & Passwords

    Change your password from the default one as soon as you start using myLangara. It's your responsibility to keep your password secure.

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