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  • Pro-Tip #12

    Get your Student ID

    Your Student ID proves you're a Langara student and gives you access to U-Pass, Library media, printing, and more.

  • Pro-Tip #11

    Access the Library Collection

    Library databases, e-book collections, and streaming video collections can be accessed remotely using your Langara ID and password.

  • Pro-Tip #10

    Printing, photocopying, and scanning

    Black and white, as well as colour printers are available for use around campus. Log in directly to the printer with your Computer User ID and password to print.

  • Pro-Tip #9

    Bike Parking

    Need to park your bike? Bike racks are all over campus.

  • Pro-Tip #8


    Are you driving to campus? Watch out for ‘Resident Only’ parking in the neighbourhood – cars will get ticketed and towed.

  • Pro-Tip #7

    Health & Dental Plan

    Most students who start in the Fall Semester are automatically enrolled in the LSU’s Health & Dental Plan. Students beginning their studies in Spring 2022 need to self-enrol. Want to self-enrol or opt out? Do it before the deadline (

  • Pro-Tip #6


    We have free career, personal, and academic counselling via video, phone or in-person.

  • Pro-Tip #5

    Health Services

    The medical clinic at Langara College is available for booked appointments Monday–Friday. Appointments with our doctors and/or nurses are primarily by telephone or video. Email Health Services to set up an appointment.

  • Pro-Tip #4


    Order your books and other stationary supplies online through the Bookstore. We price-match with

  • Pro-Tip #3

    Financial Aid and Awards

    For help planning your finances, creating a budget, or for information on student loans, grants, bursaries, scholarships, awards, and other funding, visit the Financial Aid and Awards website.

  • Pro-Tip #2


    Step 1: Select wireless network Langara

    Step 2: Open browser and go to

    Step 3: Enter Computer User ID and Password

    Step 4: Go to again

    Step 5: Follow instructions to connect to eduroam/eduroam5Ghz

    * Activate your Computer User ID before connecting to WiFi

  • Pro-Tip #1

    Computer ID & Passwords

    Change your password from the default one as soon as you start using the Student Information System. It's your responsibility to keep your password secure.

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