Langara recognizes the Class of 2024 graduates for their outstanding academic achievements and commitment to community service. The graduate awards are presented at the 2024 Convocation Ceremonies from June 18-20, 2024.

Amanda Jade Tian, Associate of Science Degree in Computer Science

Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Arts and Science)

While Amanda’s initial reaction to being chosen as an award recipient was one of surprise, she believes this award is an encouraging reminder to take pride in her achievements. Through completing her program, Amanda gained a deeper appreciation for computer science and the world in general. Her fondest memories at Langara include all the wonderful people she met, both peers and instructors. As she sets her sights on further studies in computer science at UBC, Amanda cherishes her invaluable experiences at Langara, and reminds everyone to lean on those around them for support rather than face problems alone. “Fear not the uncertainty of reaching out to others, and instead look forward to what new things others may bring.”

Ashley Pye, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

President’s Medal for Academic Excellence and Community Service

Ashley is honoured to receive this award. Her time spent in the community had a greater impact on her life than she anticipated; it created lasting positive experiences and fostered inclusivity. The Nursing program provided great foundational knowledge of nursing practices that she will continue to build upon through her work at BC Children’s Hospital. She plans to continue her involvement with Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, and later pursue a master's degree. Ashley has found her passion for pediatric nursing and encourages everyone to try something new, even if it scares you a little. She attributes her success to the dedicated encouragement and support of her partner.

Chi Yan Li, Diploma in Arts and Science (Classical Studies)

Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Arts and Science)

Chi Yan’s study of ancient languages at Langara has equipped her with invaluable insights into English vocabulary and grammar. She believes that acquiring knowledge of the past helps to understand our present and glimpse our future. Fond memories include recreating dishes from ancient recipes in the “Food and Drink in the Ancient Greek and Roman World” class, where she savoured history through taste. She extends heartfelt thanks to her family for their unconditional love, and expresses gratitude to her instructors, especially Dr. Jen Knapp, whose knowledge and kindness ignited her interest in the field. Chi Yan is deeply honoured and grateful to have been selected for this award.

Hana Wael Hekal, Bachelor of Recreation Management

President’s Medal for Academic Excellence and Community Service

Hana is honoured to be chosen as the recipient of this award. This recognition underscores the importance of community service in her life. The Bachelor of Recreation Management has fostered a mindset that prepared Hana to tackle future challenges with confidence and insight. Langara provided her with invaluable experiences, including a transformative internship. The classes were intellectually stimulating and profoundly insightful, fostering resilience and perseverance. As she charts her path forward, Hana is driven by a passion to serve the community through recreation, aspiring to break barriers and ensure equitable access to opportunities for all. She is grateful for the encouragement and support of her mother, her greatest inspiration.

Jade Ongcol, Certificate in Social Service Worker

Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for Inclusion, Democracy, and Reconciliation

Jade enjoys contributing to positive change. Being recognized with this award amplifies her gratitude and gives her a deeper sense of fulfillment. The Certificate in Social Service Worker program has equipped her with the resources, skillset, and knowledge to initiate change and enhance her connection with humanity. Jade is continuously learning and understanding the importance of social justice for all. She began building her career during her practicum placement, and plans to continue her education at UVIC pursuing a Bachelor in Social Work. With a knack for making connections and a passion for learning, Jade has transformed her Langara experience into a journey of growth and understanding.

Jin Kyum Kim, Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

President’s Medal for Academic Excellence and Community Service

As a proud recipient of this award, Jin Kyum embodies the ethos of Langara. Throughout his journey in the Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, Jin Kyum diligently mastered accounting fundamentals, paving the way for his CPA aspirations. Looking back at his time spent at Langara, what he remembers most are the great relationships he built with his peers and instructors. Jin Kyum’s journey doesn’t end here; he confidently strides towards a future of continued growth, pursuing further education and training at the CPA Western School of Business, and beyond.

Julia Charlotte Olsen, Bachelor of Recreation Management

Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Bachelor's Degree)

Julia is very honoured and grateful to have been chosen as the recipient for this award. During her time in the Bachelor of Recreation Management Program, aside from the wealth of skills and knowledge, Julia places great importance on gaining a community of dedicated, inspiring, and like-minded peers. Julia is thankful for the support she received from her fiancé and notes that she couldn’t have done it without her. Julia plans to work in the recreation sector, building on her experience, and later continue her post-secondary education. She encourages her peers to continue making a difference and improving the lives of others.

Stanley Chan, Diploma in Computer Studies

Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Career)
Governor General’s Collegiate Bronze Medal

With gratitude, Stanley embraces the honour of receiving these two awards and feels they are a testament to his academic achievement and diligence. Receiving these awards gives him the impetus to continue to strive for excellence. He is grateful for the patient guidance and assistance from Langara’s faculty and staff. Through the Computer Science program, he honed his technical skills and cultivated invaluable traits such as logical thinking and effective communication. He’ll treasure the memories he made with friends as they supported one another’s learning journey. Stanley’s long-term plans include continuing his education, working towards a degree while blending both his personal and professional experiences to contribute to the well-being of society. Stanley is thankful for his family’s support during his studies, allowing him to focus on his education.

Nadia Elsherif, Certificate in Education Assistant

Langara College Graduate Excellence Award (Certificate)

Nadia is grateful for this award and for the acknowledgement of her academic effort and commemoration of her time at Langara. Nadia was drawn to the Education Assistant program due to its emphasis on hands-on learning through practicums. After completing the program, she feels well equipped to embrace her new career path, blending proficiency with a passion for positive change. She truly enjoyed the eight months spent in the program and is grateful for the supportive community and meaningful relationships she built at Langara. Along with starting employment in her field, Nadia is excited for continued career development and future opportunities.